What Are the Effects of Mold Exposure in Your Home?

Mold is a common occurrence which can happen in any moist environment, including your home. The effects of mold in your house can be diverse, depending on how long it goes unnoticed. If spotted soon enough, it can be easily remedied but if not, mold removal in San Diego will require an expert and take longer.

Professionals will remove mold from wood, drywall or any other surface it has affected. Complete removal is key in order to prevent if from spreading further. If you are wondering whether mold is toxic and what effects it can have on your health, read on for more details.

Is it dangerous to breathe in mold?

Is it dangerous to breathe in moldWhen mold and mildew appear in your home, they will damage the surface they appear on, but this is not all. They can have serious negative effects on your and your health if left untreated. This is why you should take the following preventive measures, because it can’t always be simply wiped off.

Look out for leaks

If your home has a hidden leak, this might be the way mold will appear. Be sure to check for signs of hidden leaks and wet spots on walls, ceilings or floors. All of them can point to a burst pipe or small leak, creating the ideal atmosphere for mold to thrive.

Clean the AC

Air conditioners can become a breeding ground for mold because they often trap moisture inside. To prevent this, put the device in a low or automatic setting so there is air circulation preventing humidity. The filters also need to be regularly cleaned and replaced around every three months, or according to the manufacturers’ recommendation. 

Ventilate regularly

Regular ventilation and proper air circulation is always a good thing for your health. When it comes to mold, introducing airflow to rooms which are usually prone to heat prevents the rise of moisture. Include the kitchen, bathroom and the laundry room.

Can mold in your home make you sick?

Mold can definitely make you sick and although the effects are not always the same, they can develop into something very serious.

  • Allergies – If you inhale mold spores, they might trigger an allergic reaction. This includes symptoms such as red eyes, itching on skin and nasal congestion.Can mold in your home make you sick
  • Skin irritation – When mold contacts the skin, the affected person might develop a rash or other skin irritation. This is connected to a possible burning sensation in various places on the skin.
  • Coughing – Mold can not only irritate your nose, but your lungs as well. This can cause a cough, which signifies obstructed airways.
  • Asthma – A prolonged exposure to mold can lead to the development of asthma, even in people who usually have no respiratory issues. This is a chronic condition, with very serious possible consequences.
  • Infections – If small amounts of spores enter your system, it can fight them off. However, if a large amount is breathed in, they may lead to a number of respiratory infections. They are connected to both allergies and asthma, but can also cause a lung infection.

KIC Restoration provides faultless mold removal in San Diego

As soon as you notice any symptoms of mold and mildew, you need to act and call professional mold removal services. KIC Restoration uses the latest technology and tools to remove mold from your household. We pride ourselves on full transparency and the precious know-how we use in every task.

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