How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost in San Diego County?

Mold removal and remediation can be a costly process and if it is not done right, your wallet will not be the only thing hurting. Mold can cause serious illness, especially in children and the elderly. In most cases, it is important to consult an expert as soon as signs of a mold infestation appear. In San Diego, the experts at KIC Restoration use the latest technology provide mold remediation at up-front, standardized prices.

Whether it is a mold outbreak in the home or in a commercial setting, these unwelcome guests can cause severe damage if not handled correctly. This involves consulting with KIC Restoration’s 24/7 customer service line as soon as the problem is noticed. Every case is different and only an experienced company like KIC Restoration has the reputation to trust with mold remediation. These can be pricey projects, but with a plan of attack carefully crafted by an IICRC Certified Technician, the results will be long-lasting.

KIC Restoration advocates business transparency. This involves careful communication with customers, reliable service times that do not accept a three-hour window as an appointment time, a detailed explanation of the remediation strategy and clearly-outlined guidelines for mold remediation cost. Contractors are sometimes ambiguous about simple questions like “How much does mold remediation cost?” However, KIC Restoration uses standardized fees to determine the price of each job. This approach complements our belief in transparency and straightforward service. Job-price estimators are certified as Level 3 Xactimate professionals and are familiar with large-scale mold removal projects. Their method of determining mold remediation cost per square foot ensures that every customer is treated fairly.

KIC Restoration works closely with mold-testing labs to identify the fugal strain and the cause of the infestation. Consumer-available testing kits are not reliable sources to help develop a treatment strategy. They often produce false negatives or false positives, causing people to waste money or postpone quick action which can be devastating in mold-remediation projects. In truth, some contractors and companies rely on these misleading tests for every project, which is both unethical and irresponsible given the health risks involved in mold outbreaks.

The use of third party labs for testing adds to the credibility of KIC Restoration. If a contractor performs his own tests, it is hard to tell if the results are biased. It is in the contractor’s financial interest to find mold, but using third party labs prevent this interest from influencing the price.
So, how much does mold remediation cost?

Fortunately, not all mold outbreaks require testing. If testing is required, KIC Restoration is contracted with several labs in San Diego county. If testing is not needed or requested, KIC Restoration provides straightforward pricing for mold remediation cost per square foot. The direct cost of microbial remediation application from KIC Restoration ranges from $0.23 to $1.65 per square foot depending on project requirements. Our services are backed by a (1) Year Workmanship Warranty”. If any reasonable issue emerges within this term, we will stop at nothing to ensure our clients are made whole.

From large-scale commercial jobs to simple residential restorations, KIC Restoration knows the best way to approach a mold outbreak from start to finish. The experience of our technicians will save time and money. We use cutting-edge Goldmorr technology which helps reduce the average cost of mold remediation. Knowing the particulars about mold removal from the different strains to different outbreak densities is key to finishing a job with results that last.

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