What Are the Best Ways to Remove Mold?

At some point or another, almost everyone encounters mold in their home. Removing mold permanently then becomes a priority, but it’s not always as easily achievable as it seems. Mold removal in San Diego includes getting properly prepared and doing all it takes so as to create a safe, wholesome environment.

But it is really advisable to try and remove mold yourself, or should you call for professional help? Here are all the facts and details which will show why letting the pros do the work is always a smart idea.

Does mold just wipe offDoes mold just wipe off?

The dangers of breathing in mold have been widely discussed, but it never hurts to emphasize them once again. When you see mold has appeared on wood or a wall in your house, the first thought is how to get rid of it quickly. But is that possible, is it as simple as just wiping it off?

In short no, mold can’t be just wiped off, even if it seems so. It’s a type of fungus which looks for moisture and humidity to thrive on. When it starts growing it will be harder to remove it, as it tends to spread spores even further.

Although wiping the mold off might look like the way to fix the problem, this is only a superficial solution. For getting rid of it for good, other steps need to be taken.

Can mold be removed permanently?

When you want to get rid of mold completely and make sure it never returns, you need to change the overall conditions which caused it to appear in the first place. This means being proactive and using the following prevention tips.

  • Dry wet spots – As soon as an area of your house becomes wet, make sure you dry it.
  • Prevent moisture – Introduce proper ventilation in all areas of the house prone to high levels of moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room etc.
  • Monitor humidity – Buy a moisture meter to know the level of humidity at all times.
  • Check gutters and drainpipes – Be sure there are no leaks or other reasons water is making its way into your house.
  • Improve air flow – Increase circulation in all areas of your home to keep moisture low.

Can I remove mold myself?Can I remove mold myself

There are ways you can remove mold yourself, but the dangers of doing so suggest calling professionals is the best course of action. Here’s why you should not try DIY methods.

  • Making it worse – If you’re not properly trained and experienced in mold removal, you might inadvertently make the situation worse by doing something wrong.
  • Missing hidden mold – Mold can be hidden in a number of nooks and crannies in your home and only professionals know exactly where to look so they don’t miss anything.
  • Using the wrong equipment – Only professionals possess all the high-end equipment to get rid of mold completely and not put anyone at risk while doing so.

KIC Restoration provides exemplary mold removal in San Diego

The development of mold in a household seems like no more than an annoyance at first, but it can soon become a force to be reckoned with and a serious health hazard for everyone nearby. Instead of wasting your time and energy trying to get rid of it yourself, call KIC Restoration. We can fix the problem for you while you clear your head at Balboa Park.

We pride ourselves on our transparent system of pricing, where you know exactly which services are provided and at what cost. We always bring our a-game, no matter how big or small the problem is. You can contact us today for everything you want to know about our process of mold remediation and removal.