How Long Does Fire Restoration Take?

How long does it take to repair fire damageFire damage restoration in San Diego can reverse some or all of the fire damage a home has suffered, allowing homeowners to get back to leading their normal lives. The key thing is to react fast and choose the right company to repair fire damage and do the after fire clean-up. This can include repairing the damage to exterior walls and removing the smell of smoke, but there’s more to it. Read on to learn more about the process.

What does a fire restoration company do?

When you face fire damage and contact a restoration company, there is a wide range of services they provide. This should include the whole restoration process, from the first contact to the restoration completion.

  • Initial contact – You should always look for companies which provide emergency services and are able to come to your property as quickly as possible. Although the fire department is in charge of putting out the fire, you might need restoration services early on in the process.
  • Inspection – A complete and comprehensive assessment of the damage is crucial in determining the next steps. With better understanding of the situation, they can better devise a plan for further action.
  • Damage prevention – After the fire has subsided, it can leave holes in windows, doors or on the roof. A restoration company will usually place tarps or boards to seal up the holes.
  • Clean up – First of all, this means getting rid of all the dust, smoke and soot left over after the fire. It can be found on almost all surfaces, but professionals have the adequate equipment for removing it. Afterwards, they will sanitize the whole area to get rid of germs and leftover smell and clean the carpets.
  • Repairs – This is when they assess which pieces of furniture can be restored to their former glory and which need to be replaced with new ones. Restoration and renovation ends after a home has been returned to the state it was in before the fire.precise fire damage restoration in San Diego

How long does it take to repair fire damage?

Naturally, you would like the restoration process to be as short as possible so you can have more time for fun activities such as going to Balboa Park. The truth is, the duration of the services depends on the size of the fire. The industry average is assessed at somewhere between a few weeks and a month.

Small fires

It usually occurs in kitchens and requires only a detailed cleaning and just a few repairs. No matter how easy it all looks, professional help is always suggested. The whole process should be over pretty quickly. It should take between one to just a couple of days.

Medium fires

This includes larger fires which don’t cause great damage but still require extensive repairs. It might include repainting, rewiring and replacing parts of the walls. In total, it can be over in two to three days.

Large fires

The cost and the duration will be greater with fires which are big enough to cause major damage. Only after the process has started can the clean-up crew assess how long it will take them to finish the restoration. For smaller houses, this can take up to three weeks.

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