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“KIC Restoration is a true class act! Our kitchen/ family room flooded. I called in KIC after another restoration company brought out a couple of fans and some towels and told us we were fine. I had a sneaking suspicion that wasn’t the case. I was right. We had 40 gallons of dirty dishwasher water flood the kitchen/ family room and it needed to be treated properly. KIC came in and restored our house and now it looks even better than before! Mark is highly knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with. He will work with your insurance company and fight to get you what you deserve. Jason manages the day to day restoration work and is a man of his word. All of the employees were highly skilled and incredibly nice. I would highly recommend KIC to any of my friends and family!”
– Alex M., Carlsbad (La Costa), CA

Jason and his crew just removed mold from my kitchen and he did an amazing job – in just two days and he just had to rebuild one cabinet under the sink. The chemicals he used fixed the rest. So, he minimized any disruption and rebuilding. He is really an expert and did a perfect job. I would absolutely give him the highest recommendation.
– Burt I., Poway, CA

Jason and his crew gutted my kitchen/dining room/living room and put it all back together in a month. I’m so happy with the finished project. My house looks like new. He also helped us design and install a computer nook and wine bar with storage. They put down hardwood floors, installed windows and a sliding glass door. If something wasn’t right, they fixed it until it was. These guys are honest, hardworking and reliable. I’d recommend them to anyone for any remodel/flood/cleaning project. They are respectful and polite and keep the job site clean. They even cleaned my slab before putting down the hardwood floors AND cleaned my carpets when the job was done. No need to call anyone else but Jason.
– Suzanne C., Poway, CA

If you’re reading this review, stop right now, pull out your phone & call KIC. Come back & finish reading this review after you’ve scheduled them. No, don’t call your insurance person first. No matter what the commercials say, you aren’t in good hands, they aren’t a good neighbor, they are not on your side, & they aren’t there to help you. You need an unbiased & TIMELY company to contact for your needs. Good thing you already called them like I told you to, huh?

Why am I saying this? Long ago (July 4th) in a bathroom far, far away (my master suite), we had a series of failures under the toilet. Luckily, we caught it in time & shut the water off. Determined not to have a horrible holiday, we went about our business & tried to enjoy the weekend. Fast forward to Monday & I was here on Yelp trying to find reviews & I came across KIC. I didn’t know it at the time, but those reviews helped save me from disaster. Hopefully I’m paying it forward with you – the person reading my review right now. The person who already called KIC, right?

Mark from KIC came out quickly & boy it’s a good thing. We were already 3 days in to what we didn’t realize was a serious issue. He did 2 EXTREMELY important things. First, he educated me. He took the time to explain what the likely process was & played the part of the neutral 3rd party. He imparted his wisdom & experience & helped me make good choices throughout the process. Second, he took the time to do a full inspection & report. Why was this so important? Because Mark was able to go on the record that there was no mold in my house. Again you ask – why was that so important? Because it doesn’t take mold long to grow & it was the following week before an adjuster came out to look at my house. By that time there WAS mold.

I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “This isn’t really blowing me away. This guy was adamant about me calling these KIC guys. I’m just not getting it.” Well, if I hadn’t had pictures & moisture tests & Mark’s report, my insurance company would have used the presence of mold to DENY MY CLAIM. They would have said that my unique failure was really a long standing issue & is not covered by insurance. Yes, they would have. How do I know? They TRIED to at first. Until I busted out Mark’s report, that is. I FIRMLY believe without Mark’s education & inspection, I would have had to paid for everything by myself. That ALONE is reason enough for me to recommend KIC to you. But wait, there’s more.

Jason & his crew came out & did a bang up job remediating the mold & moisture & hazmat damage to my house. They did the initial work, & came back every day till their equipment finished. If you have mold – make sure you look at it. Then let Jason use his chemicals & look again in 6 hours. You WILL NOT BELIEVE it. It was GONE. The next day it looked like we just opened the ceiling below for no reason. You really have to see it to believe it. Jason is like The Mold Whisperer. I’m thinking Mark Wahlberg instead of Robert Redman though for the movie. Maybe Jason Statham. I digress.

For the rebuild of my bathroom, we said screw it let’s make some changes. KIC worked with us & kept a separate tab for us to delineate our remodeling from the insurance money & made that easy as pie for us. They brought in their subs & our bathroom looks AMAZING. These guys had an expert for everything. Soon we had a brand new looking bathroom with beautiful tile throughout instead of the carpet/linoleum the builders put in. I mean really?!?!? Who puts CARPET in a bathroom by a shower & bath tub? You’re asking for mold. Especially with a 4 year old taking baths like we have. No more worries about that.

Were there problems? Some MINOR things that weren’t quite perfect for us right off. Anyone who tells you everything on a project as big as ours was perfect right away is a liar. I expected there to be way more items. Anyone who has worked with a contractor or any sort of expensive process will tell you the measure of a good contractor is how they handle something you don’t like. The MINOR issues we had, we told Jason & the KIC guys were on it & made it right IMMEDIATELY with NO HASSLE & NO ARGUMENT. They just fixed it until we were happy. THAT is what makes them a great team. That is why you already called them. You did call them right? I bet if you didn’t you’re feeling kinda silly right now. I sure hope you didn’t call your insurance agent first. 🙂

In all seriousness, the KIC guys were awesome. The only issues we had were with subs & the KIC guys know & act like it does matter since it’s their name on the bill. They turned what was a horrible nightmare for us into a very pleasant experience where we just sat back & let them put on their capes. You can’t ask for a better team. I’m not saying every other contractor out there sucks, I’m simply saying why bother with finding out? Call KIC & tell them Derik in Oceanside sent you.
– Derrik H., Oceanside, CA

Jason and his crew are top notch. The tub drain in my condo broke which ended up causing water damage to the floor and walls. KIC came in, removed the flooring, opened the walls and ran drying equipment over a couple days. They then treated the wood, repaired the walls and floor, textured and painted to good as new. Very happy with the results.
– Glen T., Carlsbad, CA

Jason and his team did an exceptional job and I’d highly recommend KIC. The crew are professional and efficient. The work is TOP quality. Jason did a walk through after the job was completed and noticed something on the carpet that I had not even noticed. He called one of his staff back to make the correction. I was impressed by this, and the overall experience.
– Ken I., San Diego, CA

KIC Restoration is an outstanding company. When a woman mistakenly drove her car into the lobby of Life Choices in Poway Mark was there within the hour. He reassured everyone that it could all be fixed and they would start within the next day or two. He spoke the truth. They are extremely professional and took into account that we work with mothers and babies in need and worked quickly so that we could be back up and running in no time.
I highly reccommend KIC to anyone with restoration needs. It is a blessing to find men with integrity and kindness.
– Liz Dubenetzky, Executive Director | Life Choices, Poway, CA

I have used KIC for about 4 years now and they are TOP notch. I use them for my carpet cleaning primarily. The staff is friendly, they do a GREAT job, their shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and my carpets always look fantastic afterwards. Also the customer service at KIC is great. I once consulted Jason about a serious black mold issue I had in a condo I was renting a few years back. Although I was not able to use KIC to remedy the situation (property managers at my condo used a different company whom they were contracted with); Jason was kind enough to give me free advice on how to handle the situation, what I should be on the lookout for during repairs and even checked in with me afterwards to make sure everything was cool. To me that was absolutely awesome on KIC’s part, and to go above and beyond like that pretty much solidified that I would be a customer for life.
– Chris C., San Diego

KIC did a fantastic job of taking care of mold in our family room. We were so impressed we used them to do additional work(baseboard molding, garage epoxy, whole home carpet/stone restoration) in our home as well restoring our rental property. Both Jason and Mark are pleasure to work with and respond promptly and their crew was always on time, courteous and professional. Jason and Mark ensured every detail is taken care to our satisfaction and speaks volume about their dedication to customer satisfaction. I refer KIC to my friends when they are looking for someone to help with their restoration needs.
– Mohan U., San Marcos

Best referral I have ever received! A friend of mine in Poway, Ca had a flood and some mold issues and ended up hiring KIC and had a great experience. That friend referred them to me, knowing that we had been dealing with a plumbing issue for years. I have been through 5 different plumbers to solve the issue, to no avail. After being frustrated about this for so long, I simply gave up. Then one day a friend referred me to KIC. I had them come out to check it out. They told me what was happening and what needed to be done to fix the issue. They came back with the right parts and were able to solve the years’ long leak issue- without having to remove the tile in the shower. KIC is not your average company. Their employees were well dressed, polite and were problem solvers. They were able to think outside the box. They did a fantastic job for my friend’s flood and mold restoration and were able to solve my plumbing problem that no one else seemed to be able to fix. I really recommend this company for anyone who needs mold removal, flood restoration or simply good, quality work done in the Poway (San Diego) area.
– Laura V., Poway, CA

We hired KIC when our upstairs bathroom flooded. Their plan was to dry out the bathroom and replace the drywall on the ceiling downstairs. When they removed the drywall in the living room they found mold. What was an easy drywall repair turned into a major mold problem we never knew we had. Because they had already set up the containment area they were able to get right to work on getting rid of the mold. As a mom of 2 kids and 2 dogs I was very impressed with how clean they worked. There were never tools laying around that I needed to worry about the kids or the dogs hurting themselves. I was also very impressed with how the crew worked together. It was obvious before they came to my house they had discussed the problems and they had a plan, everyone was aware of their jobs and work diligently to complete them. The only down time was when the mold was discovered. Jason quickly came up with plan B and everyone adjusted seamlessly. KIC is the company you hope you’ll never need but when you do they are the ones who will get life back to normal quickly.
– Jenny L., Poway, CA

I recently came home from work to find a flex line had broken under my kitchen sink during the day and flooded the entire floor and part of the floor below in my house. I knew I was not obligated to go with the insurance company’s preferred vendor, so since I live in Poway, I looked for a local company with good review and found KIC. They were out within 15 minutes of my call and got right to work pumping out water, taking photos and assessing the damage. Jason, the owner, is a very honest and honorable man who made it clear his priority was to get things fixed right and get us back in our house. He reassured us in the middle of a stressful situation that things would get done right and made sure things kept moving along. In fact, the house (paint, baseboards, electrical) is in better condition now than it was before the flood. All of KIC’s employees were professional and responsible in their work, and you can tell Jason wants to maintain a quality business with an honest crew and a good reputation. As I said, as a Poway resident, I am always looking to support quality local businesses in my hometown, but homeowners and businesses anywhere would do well to hire KIC for their flood, fire, or mold reconstruction needs.
– Jonathan S., Poway, CA

KIC is the best contractor in SD as far as I am concerned. I can’t recommend them highly enough. This is a company with integrity, attention to detail and high-quality performance! I don’t live in San Diego and I struggled to find someone to get my mother’s 40 year-old neglected and smoke-damaged home ready for sale. KIC was the best referral I got! I entrusted Mark and Jason with the keys to my mom’s house and they were great about communicating with me, were always mindful of my budget, and in the end, gave me a home that was better than new!
– Dawn J., Carmichael, CA