Mold Abatement Services in San Diego


Visible fungal growth in a home.

We are your one stop source for all your mold abatement, remediation and reconstruction needs in San Diego.

Mold can spring up quickly and is almost impossible for property owners to fully remove on their own – especially given the limited effectiveness of consumer-available products. No matter the scope, we are prepared to take immediate action.

Contact us 24/7 at (858) 859-1998 and we can talk you through your mold abatement options, and discuss the most cost-effective ways to eliminate the source of the mold and restore the site conditions. Our specialized mold abatement techniques include the following:

  • Application of Goldmorr systems products (represents the future of reduced cost mold abatement)
  • Compliance with EPA standards for mold abatement
  • Facilitation of mold strain sampling and laboratory testing
  • Before and after moisture analysis reporting
  • Identification of the source that led to the mold outbreak
  • Erecting containment structures to ensure mold spores do not spread
  • Removal of non-salvageable materials and proper disposal of debris
  • Extraction of mold spores
  • HEPA and ozone powered air scrubbing
  • Facilitation of air duct cleaning
  • Commercial grade dehumidification & air circulators
  • Coordination with governing agency appointed hygienists, verifying that the site was adequately remediated
  • Biocide cleaning and or removal of interior surfaces
  • Application of a mold/mildew resistant encapsulant

Mold facts

Dead or Alive

Mold can cause serious illness regardless if it is dead or alive. Many times property owners will attempt to kill the mold by using bleach or other related mold abatement products – this may keep the mold from spreading but it does not address the cause and it does not prevent the dead spores from entering your lungs and potentially wreaking havoc on your respiratory system.

Mold Color

From time to time, property owners will ask if the color of the mold is indicative of its potential health impacts. The truth is, the color of the mold often is a reflection of the services and the environment by which the mold is growing, not of the mold strain itself. Specific mold strain can be identified, but they have to be sampled and sent off to a local mold testing lab for cultivation. Once analyzed, we can get a report that will reflect the mold strain and then we can determine the potential health impacts and so on…  At KIC Restoration we can help facilitate this process, but we have found that most of our clients just want the mold gone regardless of the strain. The reality is that there is no one answer to how a mold strain will impact your health—it depends. Mold’s effect on an individual’s health is indicative of how susceptible that individual is to that particular strain; typically elderly folks and young children are the most susceptible, in addition to those with compromised immune systems. We prefer to play it safe. We are keen on treating all mold as if it were the most toxic strain – that expresses itself through an extremely thorough job and as a result the reduced possibility of the mold strain being able to propagate again.

Mold Sources

Identifying and remediating the source of mold is perhaps the most overlooked element in the mold abatement business. We cannot tell you how many times we have been called out to a job site to resolve a mold outbreak which had already been treated by another mold abatement company that ultimately failed to adequately address the source of the original outbreak.  We are keen on addressing mold abatement cases in the most effective  manner possible, it is part of our client-centric work ethic to take the long view into account.  We refuse to put our name on a job that incorporates addressing only the outbreak without adequately addressing the source. No matter how thorough the mold abatement job was, if steps are not taken to adequately address the source, then you can only be sure of one thing— the mold will be back!