Poria Remediation

Poria incrassata, a particularly destructive wood-decaying fungus, can carry out an attack on a house at an alarmingly rapid rate. Considering that this voracious fungus can advance as fast as 2 inches of wood a day, action is required the moment you suspect or become aware of poria in your home. KIC Restoration provides reliable 24/7 service whenever you need emergency action.

Call us at all times of day or night at 858-257-1348 or toll-free at 866-265-5245 and we will listen to you and carefully discuss with you our process of poria removal and remediation. Poria is not something that you can tackle without the help of a poria expert and a professional who has the required equipment and knowledge.

Our poria incrassata removal process includes:

  • Procedures compliant with EPA standards
  • Identification of the point of entry
  • Properly removing the materials that cannot be salvaged
  • Facilitation of air duct cleaning
  • Dehumidification using commercial grade equipment and air circulators
  • Coordinating the remediation process with hygienists appointed by the governing agency in order to confirm that remediation was performed up to code

How to stop poria?

There are four inevitable factors required for fungal growth. Those are:

  • Favorable temperature, between 32 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Digestible carbon compounds, in this case – wood

If only one of these factors is missing, poria, like any other fungus, cannot sprout up or continue to grow. Looking at the list, it is obvious there is only one factor that can be controlled and that’s water. The way to do this is to cut off poria’s contact with soil, i.e. to eliminate the contact between wood and soil.

What does Poria incrassata treatment look like?

First of all, it must be confirmed that the fungus really is Meruliporia incrassata. Next, it’s crucial to identify and locate all points of entry, the places where water-conducting rhizomorphs have entered the house. After that, the rhizomorphs are removed and the points of entry eliminated. Almost invariably, it is necessary to modify construction detail to stop the current infestation and prevent future ones. Finally, the damage is remediated and restored.

How to identify poria?

It is essential that poria is properly identified, so that the removal and remediation process is fully successful. There are two telltale signs that poria is present in a home and those are: the sight of water-conducting rhizomorphs and/ or of the fruiting body that produces the spores propagating the fungus. The rhizomorphs look like plant roots but they don’t have a bark and they give off a mushroomy smell when broken open. The fruiting body feels squishy and is orange in appearance.

Remember that time is precious when dealing with a Poria incrassata problem. Call KIC Restoration any time at at 858-257-1348 or toll-free at 866-265-5245. We are a reputed local contractor that has earned the trust of local residents by meeting and exceeding industry standards and customer expectations. If you suspect or know you have a poria problem, get in touch with us and we will be with you shortly.