Slab Leak Detection

Are you suspecting a slab leak in your home? There are fairly reliable tell-tale signs and slab leak symptoms, such as an increase in water bills, water on the floor, mold under carpets, but how can you be sure it’s the slab leak you’re dealing with? Here’s how – call upon the most reliable slab leak detection San Diego has to offer! KIC Restoration provides unrivaled emergency slab leak detection and repair services, as well as an efficient cleanup and water damage restoration.

Slab leaks are leaks beneath your home’s foundation, and as such – potentially harmful to your entire home! Unfortunately, this type of leaks is quite common in San Diego owing to the copper used for pipes in a great number of homes. What’s more, San Diego is traditionally plagued with hard water, which is a major threat to your home’s waterlines since it leads to rusting and corrosion. Luckily, you can rely on KIC Restoration for quick and efficient slab leak detection anywhere in San Diego County.

San Diegans have to inform themselves of the hazards an untreated slab leak can bring to their home. More importantly, it’s necessary to identify slab leak symptoms and call for emergency slab leak detection. If you fail to identify a slab leak, the ensuing water damage can compromise the safety of your family and possessions, not to mention the value of your property. Additionally, an undetected slab leak can waste around 10,000 gallons of water in your home each year! Should you suspect a slab leak, contact a professional right away!

Slab leak symptoms

How can a homeowner know if they have a water leak under slab in San Diego? There are a few reliable tell-tale signs that you require professional slab leak detection and repair:

  • water on the floor
  • warm spots on the floor
  • cracks on the wall on floor
  • mildew under carpets
  • sound of water running when all fixtures are turned off
  • increased water bills

Also, if your home was built more than 25 years ago, it is more likely to have slab leaks than newer homes. If you notice any of these slab leak symptoms in your San Diego home, don’t waste a single minute – call expert estimators on KIC Restoration’s 24/7 main line, get an accurate and free estimation and we assure a quick turnaround time for an in-home inspection and repair.

Benefits of Emergency Slab Leak Detection San Diego:

  • quick slab leak detection throughout San Diego
  • extensive water damage prevention
  • protection of immediate valuables and possessions
  • mold prevention
  • maintaining a healthy living environment

Precise Slab Leak Detection Enabled by Cutting-Edge Equipment

KIC Restoration is always ahead of the curve – we incorporate top-notch slab leak detection equipment and make sure we can discover any leak quickly, accurately and using the minimally-invasive techniques.

We use acoustical liquid slab leak detector systems, supported by Flair Infrared Cameras. We also utilize a range of Extech invasive and non-invasive moisture meters. Our slab leak detection technicians all have extensive experience in locating foundation leaks. They are top-notch professionals in their field who undergo continuous training and learn how to operate sophisticated leak detection equipment.

Based on the location and the extent of the leak, our technicians will perform the most appropriate slab leak repair. Some homes may need a completely new water line, and therefore, an invasive process like rerouting is necessary. Others may only need a small-scale intervention without even digging up the foundation slab. Technicians at KIC Restoration are fully equipped and licensed to pinpoint any leak with precision and repair it efficiently.

We also advise plumbers on the most practical solution for a given leak and ensure a safe and thorough cleanup of excess water and mold remediation.

#1 Slab Leak Detection Service San Diego – Accurate Cost Estimate, No Hidden Charges

What sets KIC Restoration apart from the competition is the insistence on transparency. We stand in direct opposition with sub-par businesses who provide the customers with incomplete cost estimates, only to account for additional charges later, or businesses who don’t offer an upfront budget. We treat our clients with respect and understanding and try to tailor the services to fit their budget, without compromising the quality of our service.

Our pricing system is transparent and straightforward. All costs are calculated based on accurate slab leak detection and damage assessment. KIC Restoration uses the Xactimate system of price estimation, and all our price estimators are Level 3 Xactimate-licensed.

Schedule Reliable Slab Leak Detection Now

Don’t let water damage compromise the safety of your family – hire a trusted provider of slab leak detection service in San Diego. Call our Toll-Free 866-265-5245 and contact us online we will restore your home’s healthy and strong foundation!


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