Flood: Be Prepared and Know How to Respond

Flood is a dangerous and comprehensive hazard, which can have serious consequences. There are many reasons and situations in which a flood can occur, but all of them have one thing in common. It is best to be prepared and know the procedure it case it happens.

The aftermath of a flood is just the beginning of the cleanup and restoration process. This is when things can get really dangerous if the people involved don’t follow strict guidelines and adhere to protocol. Because of this, only trained personnel should perform the flood damage restoration San Diego process.

Electrical hazards

Entering a flooded area can be very dangerous in terms of electrical hazards. If the flood has occurred anywhere near electrical equipment or any type of electrical circuits, the power needs to be switched off before approaching. This can be done at the fuse panel or main circuit breaker.

The situation can really be exacerbated if not enough attention is paid. The danger of electrocution is always present in such cases, as well as burns from potential fires associated with faulty equipment. It is necessary to stay clear of damaged power lines.

Removing debris

Depending on the strength of a flood, it can severely damage the surroundings. This includes fallen trees, damaged public property or roads blocked with miscellaneous debris. When the flood is over, this needs to be cleared in order to continue proper functioning.

Removing debris also carries with it potential hazards, so certain precautions need to be taken. They include wearing proper protecting gear and carrying adequate equipment. The protective gear should protect from any fallen branches or potential falls during debris removal. Also, only the proper equipment should be used, because it was made for such interventions and will have the desired effect.


Mold thrives in wet and damp areas, so it’s no wonder it is very likely to appear in a flooded area. When attempting restoration, be sure to look for signs of mold on all walls and floor areas. Take care of the moisture problem, so as to get rid of the mold easier.

It can be detrimental in several ways. First, it can damage the building itself, also bringing along an unpleasant smell. Even more serious, it can be hazardous to the health of people around it, especially for those suffering from allergies or asthma.


When working on removing water, proper conduct is also required because of the possibility of hypothermia. It occurs when the body temperature drops severely, causing shivering, stumbling, drowsiness and exhaustion. This can be avoided by wearing warm clothes while working in water, performing the work only during the warmest part of the day and talking frequent breaks to warm up and do the rest.

Professional flood damage restoration San Diego services

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