Post Flooding Complications

Flooding is a very serious and dangerous issue which needs immediate remedying. However, this is not the end of possible troubles. Estimating the damage and doing the post flood restoration are the next steps. This is where it’s good to create a plan as to what needs to be checked during your flood damage restoration San Diego.

Foundation damage

Floods can have devastating effects, especially if they occur from fast-flowing waters. This is exacerbated even further if the water is carrying heavy debris or chemicals. After a flood has subsided, the first thing to check is if the foundations have been damaged in the process. This should be started from the exterior, before entering the property itself. Look for cracks in the bricks or unusual angles. Look for any cracks in the driveway as well, and if needed get in touch with Nashville asphalt patching specialists.

When you enter the house, check if the doors are opening and latching smoothly and without resistance. Compare the level of your floor tiles to what they have looked before the flood. And most importantly, if you have posts in your basement, see if they are in the same 90-degree angle as before. Even if there are no visible signs of structure damage, but you have your doubts, call professionals to perform a detail check-up.

Appearance of mold

Mold thrives in damp and moist areas, so it’s no wonder it can appear after a flood. If some areas are left wet after floods, this is where mold is most likely to grow. After all the water has been removed, it’s time to look for common signs of mold. Look for damp discoloration on walls, cupboards and other surfaces and be sure to throw out any carpets which have been affected by the flooding.

If not treated properly, mold can spread its spores throughout the house and not only damage the household, but also cause serious health issues. A complete removal sometimes requires the help of expert service providers.

Electrical issues

Entering a house post flooding can be dangerous if electrical damage has occurred to any of the sources of electricity. This is why calling a licensed electrician to check if it’s safe to go in and switch of the power sources is paramount. Not only does water damage the electrical appliances it floods, it can also create a deadly spark for anyone entering if the power is not switched off.

Never try to perform the repairs yourself and always proceed with extreme caution. Also, even after a licensed electrician has given the go-ahead on entering the house, you still need to estimate which appliances have been affected and need replacing. Keep in mind that it is better to buy new appliances that worry about the damaged ones malfunctioning and presenting a danger to members of your household.

Flood damage restoration San Diego professionals at your disposal

Having to deal with flood damage is hard if your try to do it yourself. That is why KIC Restoration licensed technicians are here to help you return your house to its former glory, keeping it safe to resume all daily activities.