The Most Dangerous Consequences of Water Damage

No matter how prepared you are, water damage can still happen suddenly and have extensive consequences. It usually follows any type of flooding and leakage, caused by torrential downpour, excessive rains or leaky household items.

The most important thing which should be done after such an occurrence is to try and prevent any further damage by acting as soon as possible. This includes following required advice and focusing on minimizing the most dangerous and frequent water damage Escondido consequences in your surroundings.

The spreading of water

If not treated instantly, any type of water leak will spread. Even if there hasn’t been a large scale flood, water can permeate all areas of the house, bringing potential hazards with it. This is why even a smallest stain or excess water where it shouldn’t exist should prompt a detailed investigation into its causes. Only by eliminating the source of leaking can you be sure the water won’t spread nor cause havoc.

As time passes, the possibility of water contamination rises with it spreading. When this happens, the water can become bacteria-ridden or pick up contamination from the surrounding dirt or dust. Bacteria can cause a number of health-related issues and this problem should be solved as soon as possible.

Mold outbreak

Mold appears in areas which are rich with water and humidity. Mold and fungi don’t take long to grow and even less to spread. The production of spores polluting the air is what can have very harmful effects on your health. These spores already exist in most of the homes, but they only thrive and spread in a humid environment.

When they come in contact with water, they grow and cause a mold outbreak. The range of consequences it can have on human health is severe. It goes from a mild irritation to allergies and even asthma in some cases. This is why it’s necessary to completely get rid of mold.

Damage to the structure

Even the smallest water leak can build up over time and wreak havoc. It all starts with stains and discolorations, but can end up in compromising the structural integrity of a house. Drywall is the first thing that can absorb moisture, causing it to deform and eventually collapse. This is especially dangerous if it’s used for ceilings on top of walls.

If water runs down the exterior due to a clog, it will create pools around the foundation. They can lead to excess pressure and cracking. Another possible effect is the effect of soil erosion. In this case, the house foundation will begin settling and can have uneven floors and cracked walls in the future. These are all issues which threaten the building’s very integrity.

Professional water damage Escondido restoration services

If your property in Escondido has been hit by water damage of any kind, call KIC Restoration for a thorough water removal and restoration process. Don’t let the water spread and cause more harm, call us in time for a quick and effective intervention.