The Link between Skylight Leaks and Mold

Installing a skylight in your home can be a welcome addition to the overall outlook. It will bring you additional light and brightness, but also there are several problems which can arise if a leak occurs. Leakage can come from different reasons, but regardless of which one it is, it should be defined and taken care of.

The sooner you start looking for the reason leakage has occurred, the better. The time and place where the leak happens is crucial to determine the reason behind it. The leak can be constant or intermittent and can occur only at a certain time of year or only after rainfall. All these reasons can lead to some damage to your house, not only on the exterior, but even more in the interior. One of the outcomes can be the appearance of mold, in which case you will to call mold removal San Diego experts before any repairs.

Faulty roof

One of the reasons your skylight is leaking can be the roof itself. Some of the tiles placed on the roof can be broken and enabling some form of moisture to infiltrate through them. This depends on the placement of the skylight and the age of the roof tiles and shingles. A way to be sure they are in good shape is to have them regularly inspected.

Badly sealed

Water can come from the skylight which is badly sealed and this can sometimes be easily fixes through the process of recaulking the surrounding area. Sometimes, the flashing preventing water intruding can be at fault and might need replacing. Only a properly sealed skylight can be safe from leaks.

A crack in the skylight

As skylights are placed on the exterior, they can suffer damage from a number of sources. Any kind of debris can make a crack in the glass, which can then have leakage issues. Also, cracks can appear in old skylights which need to be replaced with new ones.

Interior condensation

Sometimes skylights are placed above bathrooms for a more interesting experience. As bathrooms are rooms with plenty of moisture and humid air, this can lead to accumulation of condensation on the interior part of the skylight glass. This can be avoided by opening a window after you shower or by using a fan or dehumidifier accordingly.

Fixing the damage and remediating mold

Any repairs to skylights should only be done by professionals prepared for the job. The incurring water damage can affect drywalls and lead to the appearance of mold. If the leakage has conditioned a mold outbreak, it needs to be remedied as soon as possible. If it’s left untreated for long, it can be seriously hazardous for your health. This is when mold removal San Diego services can really come in hand.

Have mold due to skylight leakage? Call the mold removal San Diego experts

If a mold outbreak has started in your home due to skylight leakage, or any other reason, call KIC Restoration to set up an inspection. We will then investigate and find the mold source, completely eradicating it and making your home mold-free.