What Are the Dangers of a Slab Leak?

Is a slab leak dangerousUnexpected occurrences in your home can be not only unpleasant, but also costly and potentially dangerous. The seriousness of a slab leak, for instance, can range anywhere from a temporary nuisance to a catastrophe. This is why timely slab leak repair in San Diego, CA can make a big difference in the overall outcome.

What you need to do when you suspect a slab leak in your home is call the experts who know all there is to know about professional slab leak detection. A quick reaction can save you a lot of trouble and money, and here’s why.

Is a slab leak dangerous?

A slab leak is a leak which occurs under the concrete foundation of a home and here are the ways in which it’s more dangerous than other types of leaks.

Impact on health

All San Diego residents should take good care of their health and be wary of any potential health issues at all times. When a slab leak is concerned, you might not know it, but it can be affecting your health daily in a very bad way. This is mainly due to the potential appearance of mold, which has many negative side effects.

Damage to the structure

Slab leaks can slowly weaken the integrity of your home, regardless of the materials the foundation is made of. The water pressure eats away at the foundation and can cause it to shift. When that happens it can crack and even completely collapse and this is why the pipes in the foundation should be checked every once in a while.

The cost

The sooner a slab leak is identified in a San Diego home, the lower the repair costs will be. The ones which go unnoticed for a long time can have devastating financial consequences on the owners. One thing which should also be taken into account is that not all types of insurance cover slab leak damage costs.

Can a slab leak cause mold?Can a slab leak cause mold

As mentioned above, it most definitely can. This is because a slab leak can create all the conditions necessary for the appearance and thriving of mold in a San Diego house. The moisture will attract it and the constant leakage will feed it and enable it to grow and spread.

As it thrives, mold creates spores with which it spreads all around. When you and members of your family breathe in these spores, they can cause a cough, asthma and other respiratory issues. The biggest problem is when the slab leak hasn’t been detected and you are not aware that a mold infestation is causing your health problems.

Even if you do locate and take care of the slab leak, a mold outbreak can still be lurking inside the house. It requires special attention and needs to be completely eradicated so it can no longer affect you in any way.

KIC Restoration provides prime slab leak repair in San Diego, CA

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