What’s the Cost of Slab Leak Repair in San Diego?

Plumbing is an important part of your home which should not be taken for granted. Leaks can occur at any time and require different levels of effort to fix them. For homes built on concrete slab foundations, a slab leak is the most serious one. Slab leak repair San Diego is what you need in such cases.

Every type of repair costs money and slab leak repair isn’t cheap either. However, there are different factors which influence the final price. Regardless of them, the most important part of a slab leak repair is locating it in time. This can save both money and the time needed for repairs.

What exactly is a slab leak?

If your house was built upon a concrete slab foundation, it’s highly likely that the water and sewer lines were installed underneath concrete slabs. As time passes and the pipes get older and more corroded, they can burst. This is known as a slab leak, both in cases of water pipes and sewer pipes breaking. What is dangerous about them is that the pressure will keep the water flowing, causing damage to the foundation of the house. Slab leak repair cost also goes up as more time progresses and the issue becomes more serious.

How to know you have a slab leak?

If left undetected for a while, a slab leak can really wreak havoc. The biggest problem is that there aren’t always the obvious signs to follow and sometimes it can be mistaken for other problems. This is why you need to look out for those signs which are usually directly connected with a slab leak.

If you see puddles on the floor, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, without any particular reason, this can be a sign of a slab leak. This is also true for puddles outside your house. The most likely tell-tale sign is an abnormally higher water bill all of a sudden. If you notice such spikes, be sure to check the foundation.

The occurrence of mold can be connected with a slab leak, and so can hot floors in certain parts of the house. This can happen when the hot water line bursts. Another sign to look for is hearing the sound of water without any particular origin.

How much does slab leak repair cost?

When a slab leak happens, it is necessary to search for professional help immediately. The leak itself is usually not hard to repair, but the damage it does can be great. Having experts come to your house, find the leak and fix it has a general cost of between $150 and 400$, but this doesn’t include additional expenses. The extra cost of ripping concrete and fixing pipes can reach as much as $2,000.

The chief factor influencing the repair price is how easy it is locate and reach. After the pipes have been fixed, there are also possible additional expenses due to damage done by the leak. The good news is that most of the expenses are usually covered by specific home insurance.

Favorable slab leak repair cost in San Diego

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