Why Is It Important to Call a Slab Leak Specialist?

How Is a Slab Leak Affecting My HomeThere are numerous types of plumbing problems homeowners can encounter. A slab leak is one of the most dangerous ones, especially because sometimes it can go unnoticed for quite a while. If you do suspect one, it means you need slab leak repair in San Diego, CA.

Finding a slab leak specialist is always recommended for these types of situations. They know all about detecting a slab leak and fixing it as soon as possible. Insurance coverage is also important, as it might lower the expense from some of the potential dangers of a slab leak.

How is a slab leak affecting my home?

There are many reasons why a slab leak should never be ignored and many ways it can affect a San Diego household.

Foundation damage

A slab leak starts in the foundation of your house and the damage rises over time due to the constant water supply. It starts with swelling and corrosion, which can lead to structural weakening. This, in turn, can cause shifts or even cracks in the foundation.

Floor damage

The longer a slab leak is happening, the more it will spread its damage throughout the structure. After a while, you might notice slight or significant damage to your flooring. Also, the carpets and tiles can become warped and soaked in water.

Yard damage

In homes with backyards, a slab leak can cause trouble in the open as well. The yard can become flooded, which can ruin your landscaping, soak any benches or playgrounds and contaminate pools.

Mold outbreak

When a slab leak spreads from the foundation to the drywall of your San Diego home, it creates a perfect moisture source for mold. When it appears, mold thrives on any type of moisture and spreads easily with its spores. This can cause a huge number of health problems for anyone living in the affected household.

Lower pressure

As water leaks from the slab, water sources throughout the home will lose some pressure. This includes showers, sink faucets and other home appliances.

Who to call for a slab leak?who to call for a slab leak

As soon as you suspect a slab leak in your San Diego home, instead of going to Presidio Park, you should call for assistance at once. As it is a very serious problem, you need experts specializing in slab leak. Unlike general plumbers, slab leak specialists know all the ins and outs of this type of problem.

Slab leak detection requires expert knowledge and the adequate tools for the job. A speedy reaction is crucial, so there is no time for second guesses and do-overs. A slab leak specialist is familiar with all the necessary procedures and ready to tackle the issue head-on. 

So, look for slab leak specialists who have been in the business for a while, with at least favorable reviews, who are near you so your problem will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

KIC Restoration provides prime slab leak repair in San Diego, CA

If you find yourself suspecting a slab leak, don’t be discouraged by the potential costs. Just call KIC Restoration for a fast detection and repair service. We promise you the problem will be taken care of as soon as possible, with the least amount of disruption to your daily life.

We always consider the client’s budget, so we will make sure to minimize the damage and the overall cost of our intervention. Our positive reviews and years of experience speak for themselves when it comes to our reliability. Remember, a fast reaction is crucial, so call us as soon as you suspect a slab leak.