5 Things to do for Filing Fire Insurance Claims

The destructions that were made by Irma and Harvey have badly affected the business of insurance companies and many of them are thinking of re-evaluating the current plans. But fire is also a natural disaster that can cost you thousands of dollars in shape of damage.

If you are looking for help to file an insurance claim, read the to-do list right after the incident:

Act fast

Contact your insurance carrier immediately the fire accident occurs.  Mainly if the fire was caused by a natural disaster, the insurance companies work on a first come, first serve basis. So you need to collect all the proof of loss to file your claim, keep the information on the following things:

  • How to define damage things
  • Make a copy of the police report
  • Note down the date and kind of incident
  • Any physical damages that happened in the fire
  • The present situation of your home and workplace
  • Anyone else who was present in the property at the time of the incident
  • Any temporary repairs needed.

Do not throw away the receipt

If your house needed any temporary repairing and you have spent on the damage that was the need of the time, do not throw away your receipts keep them save. If you apply for a damage claim you will need these receipts in future. Also, keep the pictures and videos of the damage in order to keep the record for future presentation.

Enlist the damaged items

After the collection of proof, sit with your family and enlist all the damaged items that you can remember. This step should be taken as soon as possible because it is easy to forget things as the time passes. Estimate the cost of the lost items, if possible. If the damaged item is burned beyond the repairing phase, keep them as an evidence for the insurance company.

Get repair cost estimates

Once the fire shock is absorbed, many property owners try to get back to their houses immediately. Start observing the estimates of repairing or construction from different builders and contractors.  You will get the reimbursement according to the policy you have purchased and the amount of damage occurred. But anyways you have to keep the cost estimates. Prefer those builders those who have worked with insurance companies before.

Hire Public Adjusters to File Insurance Claims

Hire Public Adjusters for Fire Damage to file your damages. While you are in a different state of emotions and physically injured it is easy to forget to file the damages. Getting the help of an expert by yourself is necessary so that he assists you to get the most benefits out of your insurance plan.

For best possible assistance contact Public Adjusters in Miami, FL for Home Fire Damage, we will help you to collect all the essential evidence, deal with the insurance company and give the advice where necessary. Don’t look after the claim by yourself. Reach out to us and let us serve you.