How to Prevent Office Fires

Office fires are a surprisingly common occurrence in the workplace. As such, they can be a real threat to the office buildings, equipment, and even the lives of people working there. There are many parts of the modern workplace which can cause a fire and subsequent fire damage in San Diego. In order to prevent fire damage office occurrences, you need to be aware of the potential threat and do everything to neutralize it. Here are the top causes of office fires.

Electrical equipment

There are many electrical appliances present in the modern day office. They can become a real fire threat if they are not functioning properly, which is why they need to be regularly checked for problems. Switch them off at the end of each workday so they don’t overheat. Also, try to keep the area around them clutter-free, especially remove papers and other easily flammable materials. All equipment should be kept away from heat-producing elements.

Power cords

All electrical appliances have some sorts of power cords or cables. They should be carefully placed, in order to avoid high traffic areas, such as near to doors and entrances and where chairs are often moved. This way, you will decrease the chance of exposed wiring, which can easily cause a spark and start a fire. Check power cords for any signs of damage regularly, so you know when they need fixing or removing.


Cooking is the most frequent cause of domestic fires, but as many offices also have a kitchen, it can also cause office fires. The main rules for not causing fires are similar and they include never leaving a meal unattended and always shutting off electrical appliances when you’re done with them. These appliances also need to be in good shape, so they don’t malfunction and catch fire.

Flammable materials

The fast spreading of office fires is often due to the presence of flammable materials all around the workplace. These types of combustible materials cannot be fully removed from offices, because they are necessary for everyday functioning, but there are precaution steps to take to prevent fire damage office situations. Make sure paper and other highly flammable materials are never right next to a heat source. Keep the office tidy by properly removing and storing all types of waste and combustible trash.


Smoking is one of the most common vices of working people and an everyday habit. Every office building should have spaces dedicated solely for smoking, properly marked. The bins in that area should only be used for cigarette buds, and never for disposing of paper and other similar materials. They should be regularly emptied, so there is no chance of a thrown bud igniting and starting a fire.

Prevent fire damage in office

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