Common Issues after Fire Damage

Having to deal with fire damage is a traumatic enough experience in itself. But even after the fire has been put out, there are several further issues to worry about before returning to normal. The first and foremost priority is expediting the fire damage San Diego remediation for better effects. However, the firefighting process can also bring damage to the property affected by fire and these issues need to be taken into consideration prior to entering the household again. This is where the fire damage restoration process starts.

Estimating immediate damage

Mitigating the fire damage starts by estimating the immediate damage which is visual on both the exterior and the interior of the affected property. This should be done by professionals because an issue not found on time can lead to more serious consequences later on. The building should be assessed as stable before anyone enters it, because structural damage can be the most dangerous and severe.

Removing the water

Before any serious restoration process starts, it is necessary to remove the water left over from the firefighting process. After a fire has been put out, the leftover standing water has no remaining function and should be eliminated before it starts to have negative effects itself. This will prevent any further water damage, eliminate the risk of electrical damage and leave space for the restoration process. After eliminating the water, you can focus on other possible issues.

Eliminating smoke damage

Apart from damage to the building foundations, smoke can also be a potential hazard. Smoke residue and particles can find their way into almost any part of the property, even those that weren’t affected by the fire. It can not only bring discoloration to the walls and surrounding areas, but also leave behind traces which are potentially poisonous. They can impact the health of everyone living in the property and that is why it’s important to thoroughly check the whole house and make sure any leftover residue has been completely eradicated. This should also be done with the help of professionals.

Look for mold damage

Another possible consequence of a firefighting intervention can be the appearance of mold because of the amount of water used. Even after the water is removed from the house, all areas need to be completely cleaned, so as not to create a breeding ground for mold. Mold outbreak happens in moist and damp areas which haven‘t been properly sanitized. This is where you need to make a decision which materials and items can be restored and which need to be thrown out and replaced with new ones. This is important because mold can also cause structural damage and become a heatlh hazard to the environment.

Best fire damage San Diego remediation service

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