Water Damage Restoration Poway

KIC Restoration is at the forefront of providing water damage restoration Poway service, enjoying an impeccable reputation, with 5-star reviews to substantiate it. Our dedication to servicing the Poway area transpires through our top-notch service, fair prices and transparency.

Water damage in Poway can be caused by a variety of factors, while most large-scale damages are most often a result of flooding after a storm. As a preventative measure, the Storm Water and Flood Control Division works closely with Poway’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program in order to maintain the city’s storm water conveyance systems.

In case of water damage in a home or commercial property, it is vital to handle the damage swiftly and efficiently. You don’t want to risk any further damage and costs by failing to hire the right type of service. Water damage cleanup can be an extremely complicated process, due to the variety of damages and the number of potential causes. What they do have in common, though, is that they should first be assessed correctly, before being handled by a professional.

If water damage wasn’t caused by poor maintenance on your part, there is a possibility the restoration expenses will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. It is vital you consult the professionals with regard to the homeowner’s insurance policies in Poway.

A certified water damage restoration Poway professional

On top of being seasoned water damage restoration professionals, our technicians are IICRC Certified as Goldmorr Master Technicians, which means they are qualified to undertake invasive and complex projects at a reasonable cost. Also, it means they employ the latest Goldmorr technology, to ensure a high-quality efficient service. Other licenses and certifications include Asbestos and Poway Business License, to name just a few.

Be it general water damage restoration, flood damage restoration or emergency leak detection, KIC Restoration experts have the required experience, fierceness and certifications to justify your trust.

Expert estimators assigned on 24/7 main line

We feel the traditional call center approach is ineffective, because customer service representatives rarely have on-field experience required to give you expert advice. What we offer is a 24/ main line, where our experienced estimators assess your case and provide meaningful answers right away. Cut down on the amount of time between your call and an on-site visit. Most often, the person you first talked to is also the first person to visit you, assess the damage at your property and plan the course of action. When we say the action has to be taken swiftly, we actually make it happen.

Standardized assessment and fair pricing

At KIC Restoration, we pride ourselves on trustworthiness and transparency. We believe transparency is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. Our pricing system is standardized and straightforward, so you always know how much you have to pay and what you are being charged for.

When assessing the cost before any water damage repair begins, our staff follows a standardized process. We offer more than simply our word to substantiate this claim – the professionals who will assess the cost of your project are certified Level 3 Xactimate price-estimators.

Moreover, in cases such as mold outbreak, we work closely with a third-party lab to ensure standardized testing. The sole purpose of this collaboration is to provide our clients with the highest-quality service at a reasonable price. Our goal is not to charge you as much as possible and do more harm than good in the process. We rely on our strong ethical foundations in providing guidance, as well as on the standardized procedures to make sure the pricing is in direct proportion with the service.

Get a One Year Workmanship Warranty with our water damage restoration Poway service

Our experience and reputation speak for themselves. However, to emphasize the need for transparency in a consumer-driven market, we proudly offer a 1 year workmanship warranty. We want to justify your trust so we make sure your project isn’t abandoned even after our work is done. Don’t simply take our word for it – take the warranty. Reach out to us in Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo and elsewhere in San Diego County.