Water Damage Restoration Rancho Bernardo

In case of any water damage, one thing is certain – it has to be handled by a trained professional. The damage has to be assessed, damaged items must be removed and the damaged area has to be cleaned and restored. It involves the use of reliable, cutting-edge technology that will insure your home or commercial property is healthy. KIC Restoration is a full service general contractor, providing you with superior water damage restoration Rancho Bernardo service, as well as deconstruction and reconstruction for fire damage and mold removal.

Besides straightforward pricing and impeccable service, what really makes KIC Restoration stand out is our commitment to transparency in all services.

Since water damage in Rancho Bernardo can be caused by a whole host of factors, the cleanup and restoration process is often very complex. Unfortunately for the clients, it often implies that contractors employ an equally complex and confusing fee system. It sometimes happens the clients aren’t given enough information about the insurance policies, which results in even more abuse.

In order to develop standardized practices, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, was established. It sets rules and regulations that companies have to uphold, so they can truly work in their clients’ best interest. Therefore, choosing an IICRC-certified contractor for your water damage restoration in Rancho Bernardo is a must. KIC Restoration proudly upholds IICRC’s core values as an IICRC-certified water damage restoration contractor.

Faultless water damage restoration in Rancho Bernardo at a fair price

Oddly enough, in a consumer-driven market, fair pricing has become a sort of a myth. The more complex the service, the more confusing the pricing. At KIC Restoration, we are committed to dispelling that myth. When establishing the price, we rely on standardized pricing guidelines. Our pricing estimators are certified Level 3 Xactimate experts, which is a fact that substantiates our dedication to upholding work ethics.

In addition, we closely collaborate with third party labs, to ensure standardized assessment of a mold outbreak. This means our financial interest has no influence on the treatment following the assessment.

Our approach has a positive impact on both cost and time, which has enabled KIC Restoration to have a solid relationship with insurance carriers. With ever changing policies, we remain flexible and determined to execute, manage and invoice for all elements of a loss. We have facilitated the establishment of our special interest group Xactimate Actionable Insights in order to stimulate the collaboration between restoration contractors and insurance carriers.

Cutting-edge technology for your Rancho Bernardo water damage restoration

We already established that each water damage case is specific, which is why you need not only an experienced contractor, but also a full-service, certified one. We try to beat the competition not only by offering an ethical and transparent service, but also a highly versatile one. Certifications and licenses we were awarded testify to our superior workmanship and the diversity of our skills.

Our technicians are certified Goldmorr Master Technicians, which means they able to apply a technique that involves the latest Goldmorr technology to perform invasive modifications at a reasonable cost.

Experienced estimators available 24/7

Traditional call center service is simply not good enough. In case of an emergency, you need a seasoned estimator who is able to give you advice and determine the course of action on the spot. This is why there is an expert assigned to our main line 24/7, anywhere in Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe and throughout San Diego County. Moreover, the person you talked to on the phone is usually the first respondent at your property. That means we spare you the trouble of going into detail, but send an estimator who is fully prepared and already familiar with your case before appearing for an on-site damage assessment.