Water Damage Restoration Scripps Ranch

Water damage can be caused by a number of factors, some of which can seem insignificant, like a small pipe leak, while others are more severe, like flooding after a storm. To restore your home to its healthy sanitary state and also to prevent larger-scale damages, you need a reliable contractor on your side. KIC Restoration is one of the leading full service contractors, servicing San Diego County. With our outstanding water damage restoration Scripps Ranch service, you get not only supreme workmanship, the use of the latest technology and reasonable prices, but also full transparency of all parts of the project.

Since Scripps Ranch is a commuter town and industrial and commercial activity doesn’t go beyond a small number of retail, it is highly likely that the greatest number of water damage cases will be related to homes. Therefore, homeowners have to be well-informed about their home insurance options, or flood insurance options in case of floods that can cause severe water damage.

Scripps Ranch residents rely on the service of The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) for updates and information, which SRCA primarily disseminates through its Newsletter. SRCA also inspires a strong sense of community among the residents and encourages personal involvement of all residents to make Scripps Ranch a better and safer place to live. This is exactly where its philosophies overlap with the KIC’s vision.

We help you with insurance in your Scripps Ranch water damage restoration project

We try to bridge the gap between the clients and insurance carriers by being flexible and providing a standardized service that is aimed at being both time-saving and cost-effective. We have built a strong relationship with insurance carriers we work with mostly because we are able to adjust the service to fit a particular carrier. We even go one step further and document major carriers’ preferences, so we are prepared in advance to advise our clients on the best course of action.

To further enhance successful cooperation between restoration contractors and insurance carriers, we contribute to the work of our special interest group Xactimate Actionable Insights. The group is comprised of estimators and owners from esteemed San Diego restoration contractors, as well as local field adjusters and examiners.

Our technicians are licensed and certified

Reliability has to be guaranteed. It is not enough for someone to tell you they have experience with operating certain machines or using the newest technology, or even that they have acquired the latest tools. You need to be sure these people know what they are doing. Our clients can be confident their water damage restoration project is handled efficiently, since our staff members are fully and appropriately certified and licensed. Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration as Goldmorr Master Technicians, which means they employ state-of-the-art Goldmorr technology, which isn’t available to an average customer.

In addition, even our process of determining the costs and the overall price is standardized and our price-estimators have Level 3 Xactimate certification.

Reach our estimators 24/7

In cases of water damage, especially in case of an emergency, you need the right information on the spot. We operate the 24/7 main line, through which our experienced estimators can provide you with accurate information. Their direct on-site experience enables them to notice the similarities between different scenarios and determine the course of action.

We understand that timing is everything, so we make a prompt on-site visit our priority. In most cases, the estimator you talked to on the phone is the person who assesses the damage on site. Our technicians come fully prepared and so are able to focus on each client individually. This guarantees an outstanding customer service, which our clients greatly appreciate.