Water Damage Restoration North Park

North Park is one of the most vibrant San Diego communities. It has a mix of architectural styles and offers cultural diversity. According to Forbes magazine ‘’culturally diverse North Park is home to Craftsman cottages, cafes and diners, coffee shops, several microbreweries, boutiques, and the North Park Farmers Market. The North Park Theater and the Ray Street Arts District are also bastions of creativity in the area’’. KIC Restoration is proud to offer its services to North Park residents, helping them restore their home’s safety and sanitation after water damage. We offer the uncompromisingly professional water damage restoration North Park service.

We are available whenever our clients need us

An unfortunate event is often unpredictable and finds you off-guard. Nevertheless, it has to be dealt with swiftly. Therefore, KIC Restoration makes its services available to you at any time, day or night through our 24/7 hotline. We know that, if we truly want to help, we need to be there when our clients need us.

The latest technology ensures the best results

Any professional who wants to stay ahead of the competition has to keep abreast of the newest developments in the industry and on the market. KIC Restoration has been dedicated to excellence since its beginning, and that is why we make it a priority to constantly upgrade our skills and tools to achieve the best possible results.

The results can be measured by the amount of money and time saved. Modern technologies allow for a quick leak detection and damage assessment, which is also cost-effective. More importantly, sophisticated technologies such as Goldmorr make sure the cleanup is done thoroughly and your property is safe and healthy.

Certifications and licenses are evidence of quality

We take great pride in having skilled contractors whose work has contributed to the company’s reputation. Our certifications and licenses also speak for themselves when it comes to skill and expertise. KIC staff is certified by the IICRC and we are part of the HERO group of contractors.

Partnership with insurance carriers

One of the pillars of our reputation is the relationship we have with major California insurance carriers. These institutions rely on us to provide professional services to the clients, while also bridging the gap between clients, insurance carriers and restoration contractors. Successful cooperation is the key to a favorable outcome for all parties.

For more information on our business and credentials, find us on Yelp and Angie’s list where our record speaks for itself. If you need a reliable water damage restoration contractor in North Park, Ocean Beach or other San Diego neighborhoods, KIC Restoration is the way to go.