Water Damage Restoration Coronado

Coronado is a resort city in San Diego County and a home to around 21,968 residents. In 2013, the city had an estimated household income of $88,880 and $50,057 per capita. The total number of housing units was 9,634 with a median home price being at $1.2 million. Whenever water damage occurs in Coronado, its residents want to make sure they find the best water damage restoration Coronado service. Fortunately, the residents don’t have to look any further than KIC Restoration, because we offer an unparalleled service. You don’t have to struggle with this backbreaking task because we are capable of handling it efficiently, maintaining full transparency of our service, as well as fair pricing.

Various factors may trigger water damage, including the location of your home or building, torrential rains, busted pipes, and hurricanes, among others. When the water comes into contact with your furniture, walls, floors, and other structures, it causes a lot of harm. This water is not only harmful to your property, but also directly to you and your family, especially if the damage results in mold. Instead of facing such hazards on your own, hire one of the leading experts in water damage restoration.

Quick action and 24/7 main line

Water damage can develop into more acute problems that can make you lose the money you have invested in your property. Unlike other companies, at KIC Restoration, we act swiftly instead of keeping you on the waiting list. And since water damage is unpredictable, we have a 24/7 main line to help you reach us at any time, thereby enabling us to provide you with efficient and cost-effective emergency services.


Hiring a reputable restoration company is always the best choice, because if poorly handled, even a minor damage can result in large-scale damages. We have all the proof you need to be assured that KIC Restoration is the company you can trust in Coronado. All our professionals are licensed and IICRC certified to ensure that we offer top-end services only. To supplement that, our technicians are licensed Goldmorr Master Technicians, meaning they are trained to curb water damage using the latest technology.

Satisfactory pricing by certified Level 3 Xactimate experts

As we provide you with a detailed contract outlining the service that you will receive as well as the completion date, we include the exact cost without hiding any charges. We first assess the job before we begin and let you know about the pricing structure before you sign anything. All our projects are evaluated by certified Level 3 Xactimate professionals to ensure consistency and fairness in all our Coronado water damage restoration services.

Assistance with insurance claims

We do property damage assessment and all the losses you incur due to water damage and provide proof and advice to your insurance company. This way, we are able to accelerate the claim process so that you stand at a minimum loss.

If you need top-quality water damage restoration in Coronado, contact KIC Restoration today. For more information on our services, check our our water damage restoration Del Mar page.