Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad

Carlsbad is a seaside resort city and home to 112,299 residents, according to 2014 estimates. Also known as ‘’The Village by the Sea’’, this charming community boasts 7 miles of Pacific coastline. Around 1.4 square miles is covered by water, comprising three lagoons and a lake. Residents experience occasional water damage due to various natural causes and human activity. Even minor water damage can escalate unless treated or if treated improperly, so professional and expedite water damage restoration Carlsbad service is what KIC Restoration offers to Carlsbad residents. You can rely on our experience and certification for any deconstruction and reconstruction work related to water or fire damage.

We are there to take your call 24/7

A fast response is the key factor in an efficient restoration project. The first 36 hours following the damage are crucial, so you mustn’t waste time and risk further damage to your family or your property. The more you delay taking action and contacting professionals, the more severe the risk of mold development and large-scale damage becomes. Our 24/7 main support line enables our clients to reach us any time day or night, while in turn we dispatch a technician within an hour. The technicians who visit your house are usually the ones who first talked to you on the phone. They are already familiar with your situation and can devise a plan in advance, so that the in-home assessment is quick and efficient.

We use minimally invasive technologies

A successful restoration service will restore the sanitary state of your home by making sure the damaged furniture, carpets or other items are completely dry. Safety and health are our top priorities, and this is what you have to bear in mind at all times. We will try to restore the appeal of damaged items and goods, but upholding high health standards is a must. For these reasons, we employ the latest technology that not only restores the sanitary state of your home, but also assesses the damage beforehand. In that way, the damage and subsequent price are determined accurately, while financial costs are significantly lower. This sophisticated technology is also friendly to the environment, which is in compliance with modern health standards.

We offer objective and straightforward pricing

KIC Restoration offers unparalleled water damage restoration services in Carlsbad. This means that our service rests upon superior customer service. We ensure our customers’ satisfaction by offering a fair and transparent pricing system, where the cost of the restoration project is assessed by our certified Xactimate professionals. Furthermore, we have an excellent working relationship with third-party labs, in case of testing we are not equipped for. If necessary, we manage different specialists and include their services within one unified service specification.

For any water damage emergencies, minor restorations or any inquiries, contact KIC Restoration, the top Carlsbad water damage restoration expert.

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