How is Slab Leak Repair Done?

Water can damage your property in many ways and one of them is a slab leak. This is an issue which needs to be dealt as soon as possible, before it escalates further. Finding a slab leak quick will not only preserve water but also eliminate the possibility of endangering the foundation.

The two most important parts of slab leak repair in San Diego are determining the causes of a slab leak and finding the leak in time. Even if you can find the leak yourself, you should hire professionals to repair it as they have the necessary tools and know-how.

How to repair water leak in concrete slab?

Slab leak can sometimes be hard to detect in your San Diego home and might require a special set of tools. This is when the experts come in, because they know all the right steps. Usually, it’s going straight on to repairing the leak, but sometimes the more cost-effective thing to do is introduce new plumbing.

Gaining access

Before the leak poses a threat on your home foundation, the repairmen need to find access to it. This is done by jackhammering the slab and removing the flooring. When the hole is made, the damaged pipes are exposed.

Fixing water lines

Copper pipes are the ones usually found as water lines underneath a slab foundation. They can get damaged over time, spawning a leak. This is fixed by removing the damaged section and placing a new one.

Fixing sewer lines

They can be from iron, clay or PVC and this mainly depends on when they were placed there. Repairing this type of pipes is dangerous because of all the health hazards, so it needs to be done by someone experienced.

How to repair slab leak without tearing up floor in San Diego?

The disruption and the cost of restoring floors after tearing up the foundation leads people to other options for slab leak repair. Apart from spot repair as described above, there are also less intrusive ways to fix the problem.

Epoxy restoration

This is both the least expensive and the least invasive method to fix slab leaks. Two holes need to be made to access the leak and then the epoxy is used to line and reinforce the damaged pipe.


This option is preferred when there there are several slab leaks in your San Diego home. It means abandoning the old piping system and installing a new and durable one. It costs less than jackhammering the concrete slab and restoring flooring afterwards and usually means putting a permanent stop to slab leaks.

Pipe re-routing

Although this method requires some demolition, it can be useful when pipes need to be replaced in both the walls and the floors. It is recommended only for replacing a shorter part of a pipe, because that limits both the time and the cost of it.

Call KIC for dependable slab leak repair in San Diego!

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