How to Protect Your Home against Water Damage

Water damage is a hazard which can cost homeowners much in term of time and money needed to repair the property. Although it happens suddenly, there are tell-tale signs and ways to protect yourself against it. This is true for water damage Poway occurrences due to being unprepared. That’s why it is best to prevent damage to both your home interior and exterior.

Keep an eye on your water main

First and foremost for homeowners, you need to know where your water main is located. Make certain you switch it off when departing for a longer period, in order to prevent dripping throughout the house.

Clean the gutters

Good drainage is very important, since it can prevent possible excess of water in one place. Start with the roof gutters, because poor drainage can result in weak foundation, cracks in the sides and water pouring into the house. The short-term cost is minute when compared to possible long-term damage if left clogged, and this is why it should be included in your seasonal clean-up list.

Trim the vegetation

Trees are great for providing natural shade in your yard, but they can wreak havoc on your pipes. This is why you need to check the roots before they wrap around the pipes and cause them to crack. This can be avoided by planting all shrubbery away from the main pipelines, but a regular check is recommended.

Inspect your appliances

Some household appliances such as boilers, refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers can leave a watery trail if they malfunction. Since they are an unavoidable part of everyday life, making sure they are all functioning properly can prevent possible breakdowns and water leakage.

Prevent the pipes from freezing

In the cold winters, when temperature drops below freezing, water pipes can also freeze and crack, which means water could burst from them. In that time, you should turn off all outside irrigation systems and disconnect exterior hoses. Inspect all windows near pipes and if the rooms are not heated, make sure doors are open to allow heat to enter from the remaining areas.

Check your water pressure

One of the appliances which may prove very useful is a water pressure gauge. With regular checking of your water pressure, you will avoid excessive pressure which can lead to cracks. In case you have a high reading, you might want to install a pressure regulator to take care of it in the future.

Compare your water bills

Your water bill is a sign of how much water you use, which should be very similar if you didn’t engage in a special cleaning. This is why a spike in the bill might mean you have a leak somewhere in the house. If you spot it rising month on month, it might mean it’s time to look for a leak.

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