Mold Removal Services in San Diego

Cost-Efficient Mold Removal in San Diego County

When it comes to maintaining a home or commercial property, it’s important to pick and choose your battles. While do-it-yourself wizzes confide in the digital wisdom of the information age, some fixes are best left to the experts. Mold remediation is one such project and consulting experienced specialists is almost always recommended. In San Diego, Calif., KIC Restoration is quickly earning a reputation for impressive results for mold removal services at straightforward, competitive prices.

It’s been said that removing 100 percent of mold growth is impossible. These fungal organisms make up one-third of the earth’s biomass and can flourish in just about any moist area. KIC Restoration combats these resilient pests using modern Goldmorr technology. The company’s technicians are IICRC Certified, which is one of the most respected qualifications for mold-remediation specialists. It’s this technology and training that enables KIC Restoration to provide lasting results in a shorter treatment time.

Removing mold and preventing its return is a tricky process. Lab testing is sometimes required to identify important characteristics of the infestation, such as fungal strain and mold density. Home mold test kits are wildly unreliable and contractors who use such tests have no business the mold-remediation industry. KIC Restoration works with several mold testing labs to provide fast, accurate information that is used to form a treatment strategy. Different strains demand different remedies. KIC especially excels in black mold removal, which is one of the most common and most dangerous strains.

Although every case is different, there are certain constants in the mold-remediation process that are required in most projects. First, it is important to identify and remove any sources of excess moisture that might be contributing to the problem. A structural dry-out phase is then employed to prepare the areas for treatment. During the anti-microbial phase, the mold is killed and removed. Reconstruction is one of the final steps and involves treatment of newly-erected supports and surfaces.

It all starts with a free, over-the-phone consultation with KIC’s 24/7 customer service line. After obtaining some information about the infestation, a representative will detail the mold removal services from start to finish. Unlike other companies and private contractors who are unclear about mold removal cost, KIC Restoration uses standardized prices to ensure that every customer is treated fairly. All job-price estimators are Level 2 Xactimate experts, so whether it’s black mold removal or a less-common strain, the entire process of determining the cost of each job is standardized.

The pricing policies and readily-available customer support are two outcomes of KIC’s devotion to transparent business practices. To ensure honest service, third-party labs are used to gather information about mold infestations, which prevents the treatment strategy from being influenced by the financial interest of the company.

When it comes to mold removal San Diego Ca, KIC Restoration enjoys a touted reputation as field experts. The Xactimate certification of job-price estimators enables KIC to accurately price large-scale, complicated projects. Although mold removal cost can vary, the carefully-designed pricing system ensures quality service at a fair price. For more information, contact the KIC Restoration customer service line at 858-859-1998