Slab Leaks: How Do I Spot Them?

What are the signs of a slab leakSlab leaks occur in the concrete foundation of your house. As a result, you can’t see them directly and spot them at the onset. Luckily, slab leaks have certain signs that make their detection much easier. Recognizing them will enable you to react in a timely manner and book grade A slab leak repair services in San Diego to avoid devastating damage.

Keep reading to find out just how to detect slab leaks so that you can nip them in the bud.

What are the signs of a slab leak?

If it’s too late to try and protect your home from slab leaks, it’s time to take action right away. Here’s how you can verify if you have a leak in the slab:

Soaring utility bills and the sound of running water

In case you’ve been receiving unusually high utility bills and you can’t wrap your head around it, it may be the result of a slab leak. This is because a leak in the pipes under your foundation will make water run non stop, which will be reflected in the bills. If you can hear water running even when it’s turned off, you’re almost certainly dealing with a slab leak.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are two of the most common accompanying effects of slab leaks. If you detect either developing in the same spot over a longer period of time, this may be a solid clue that you have a slab leak problem.

However, mold and mildew can sometimes be out of sight and detectable only by their smell. Either way, if you want to prevent related health issues, you simply can’t leave the leak unchecked.

Low water pressure

Leaks in the slab reduce the water pressure in your household. As a consequence, you’re likely to see lower pressure in the shower or sink.

Wet carpet and floor

When there’s a slab leak, carpets and other areas of your floor get damp. This is because the leaking water is making its way to the top and reaching the surface, damaging your floor in the process. Therefore, damp carpets and warped floors are another red flag for slab leaks.

Foundation shifts

Since slab leaks can cause soil erosion, the concrete foundation of your house may shift or settle. One of the consequences are cracks in the walls or baseboards. Be on the lookout for these, and immediately call professionals because the leak has become very dangerous at this point.

How do plumbers detect slab leaks?How do plumbers detect slab leaks

When a plumber comes to your house, they will start by establishing the layout of the pipes and inspecting clues that help them narrow down the search. Then, they employ their equipment that usually consist of:

  • Acoustic discs and ground microphones: These tools enable plumbers to detect sounds of running water through thick layers of concrete.
  • Pressure sensors: With the help of pressure sensors, plumbers can look for the leak by scanning for changes in pressure and temperature.
  • Video pipe cameras: Plumbers use these cameras to inspect the inside of pipes. The cameras are fixed onto a fiber optic cable and relay a video to a monitor.

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