Floodproof Materials: What Can Help Protect My House?

What materials can withstand a flood? Going through a flood is one of the most stressful experiences for a homeowner. And once professional flood damage restoration services return your San Diego, CA house to its original condition, you may start looking for a way to prevent similar harm in the future. One of the most reliable solutions you can go for is installing anti-flood materials in your home.

But what materials exactly should you add? Also, what items can you hold on to after a flood so that you can spend a bit less money in the post-flooding process? Read on to find out!

What materials can withstand a flood?

Sometimes, you might fail to react quickly in the initial stages of a flood. For this reason, it’s much better to have some defense built-in beforehand. In particular, installing the following floodproof materials will help you avoid as much flood damage as possible:


Concrete is inherently water resilient and entirely suitable for use in a house designed to be either waterproof or water resilient. The two types of concrete that are especially powerful against floods are In Situ and precast concrete. This is because they have low permeability, which is why they minimize damage or deformation from a flood.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation

For many homeowners, materials such as closed cell spray foam insulation offer a durable solution to helping mitigate the damage potential stemming from floods. Just as concrete, it tends to have very low water absorption (less than 1%). As such, it can be used as a water-resistant barrier to block moisture.

Marine-grade plywood

Marine-grade plywood is light and typically includes waterproof glue or other similar water-resistant adhesives. It can be used for any stationary or mobile construction project that often comes into contact with water.

Therefore, If you’re ever worried that your bathroom might flood due to an issue with your toilet or bathtub, marine-grade plywood can help ensure that any mold or moisture is minimized.

In addition, marine-grade plywood can help fend off moisture in your kitchen caused by water and steam from cooking. Installing it will keep your cabinets and floor in a dry state.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are an ideal solution for ensuring your home is floodproof. They are a much better alternative to other types of flooring such as hardwood in terms of lowering the potential for flood damage.

However, they can still come loose if there’s a considerable amount of water penetrating the grout. To prevent this, regularly inspect the condition of your tiles.

What can be saved after a flood?

Some items in an average household can get damaged beyond repair by a flood. These include your drywall, mattresses, some insulation materials, etc.

But there are some belongings you can hold on to if the damage is not too severe. Here’s what you can consider keeping after a flood:

  • Solid wood furniture: If necessary, you can sanitize and refinish it. Still, you might need to use careful drying techniques to avoid warping.
  • Appliances: You shouldn’t take a chance and inspect your appliances yourself. Have a skilled technician do it instead since water-sensitive electronics needs to be checked by an expert.
  • Consumer electronics: The same goes here. You should pay for professional drying services before using your phone, laptop, and other pieces of valuable equipment.
  • Photos and documents: When it comes to photos, you can try specialized freeze-drying methods to save them. As for paper documents, you’ll need to separate them into individual pages and dry them gently.

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