Water Damage in Ceiling: What Causes It and How to Repair It?

No type of water damage in you home should be ignored, but a water damaged ceiling should prompt you to action at once. Even though you might think it’s nothing serious, you could find yourself in need of water damage restoration in San Diego. This issue might be indicative of other problems and you have to protect the house at all costs.

No matter if it’s damaged hardwood floors or other types of water damage, you shouldn’t ignore them. Serious neglect might even lead to the house foundation being in danger

What causes water damage to ceiling?

A stain on the ceiling is not only ugly, but can also be a sign of underlying problems which are causing it.

  • Leaking pipe – listen for the sound of running water, because that might mean you have a leaking pipe. This happens due to corrosion and is common in older San Diego homes.
  • Roof damage – the general wear and tear can create the possibility of leakage from the roof onto the top floor ceiling.
  • Old caulking – the water damage could be coming from an upstairs bathroom, courtesy of old or damaged caulking which needs to be repaired.
  • Clogged gutters – excess rain water is drained through gutters and if they get clogged, it can pool on the side of the roof or run down the house walls and ceilings.

Can leaking ceiling collapse?

No matter if your ceiling is affected by water from a damaged roof or another possible cause, the problem should be assessed and treated as soon as possible. Although the stains can look like a simple cosmetic issue, if left untreated for a long time, water damaged ceiling can collapse. No San Diego homeowner would want that, so it’s imperative to be on the lookout for any signs of roof or ceiling damage.

This includes checking your roof periodically, especially after any type of storm. Also, check the state of your roof gutters and calk in the upstairs bathroom. 

How do you repair a water damaged plaster ceiling?

Ceilings are usually made from drywall or plaster, which need to be repaired after suffering from water damage. Here are the steps of the process, which is usually best left to professionals in San Diego.

  • Stop the water source – stop the water from leaking, otherwise the repair will be done for nothing.
  • Dry the ceiling – the damaged area needs to be completely dry before the actual repairs start.
  • Remove the damaged plaster – scrape away any bubbling plaster and peeling paint using a putty knife until everything is smooth and there is no loose material.
  • Repair the surface – go over the area to see whether there are big holes which need new sheets of plaster. Otherwise, use only joint compound to coat the smaller holes.
  • Paint – when the coating has completely dried, use sandpaper to remove excess dust and afterwards apply new paint.

KIC Restoration provides unparalleled water damage restoration in San Diego

If you notice any staining on your ceiling, be responsible and have it checked out immediately. You will probably require repair and restoration services to bring it back to its former condition. KIC Restoration is a reliable company which deals with all types of water damage professionally.

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