The Truth about Mold Remediation San Diego

Have you spotted mold in your house? It is the last thing you want to deal with in your home. So you have probably rushed to seek advice regarding mold remediation on the Internet. During the research, you may have come across the information that mold represents a health hazard and it should be removed as soon as possible. Also, if you’ve typed ‘mold remediation San Diego’ into a search engine, you are probably looking for a professional to hire at the best price and highest quality.

But before you seek mold remediation in San Diego or another area you live, it would be good to learn the basics of the process.


If mold is visible in your house, usually there’s no need for spending money on testing. However, it is possible to have hidden mold in some parts of the house. Mold professionals should carefully inspect your house to detect mold and hidden water sources.

Five basic principles

Successful mold remediation is based on these five principles:

Safety. During the remediation, all workers and residents should be protected according to safety regulations. Workers should wear a high filtration face mask and neoprene or vinyl gloves. For larger projects, a full protective suit is needed.

Assessment. A mold professional should make a preliminary assessment, an assessment during the mold remediation process, as well as when the work is done.

Contamination control. Mold professionals should prevent cross-contamination and the spread of mold. They can use various containment procedures. Workers can isolate the contaminated areas by sealing them off with plastic sheeting. They may use advanced procedures such as negative air chambers with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the spores from spreading.

Source removal. Mold needs to be physically removed at its source. Most professionals use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate mold colonies and clean mold stains. These treatments can also help prevent new colonies from forming.

Mold remediation requires not only the physical removal of mold but cleaning the air of microscopic airborne mold spores, as well. With specialized filtration equipment such as air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums, technicians will prevent the spread of mold spores.

Moisture removal. Mold growth is almost always the result of moisture in your home. For this reason, mold professionals should take care of the moisture problem and eliminate the water source that caused the outbreak in the first place. Also, they often use a sealer to make the treated area resistant to water damage and mold.


Mold professionals should clean and sanitize all the restorable items affected by mold. This also includes odor removal and deodorization. Depending on the damage, workers may dispose of moldy porous materials such as baseboards, carpeting and drywall. It’s almost impossible to have them restored to the uncontaminated condition, so it may be necessary to replace them.

Need mold remediation San Diego?

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