Clever Ways to Detect Slab Leak Symptoms in Your San Diego Home

slab leak symptomsSlab leak detection San Diego can sometimes come too late to prevent significant structural damage. Luckily, there are easy ways to prevent that by staying one step ahead of the potential slab leak. Nobody knows the exact percentage of a slab leak possibility in San Diego, but all houses built on concrete slab foundations are in danger. A good way to be prepared is to always be on the lookout for particular slab leak symptoms, because timely detection can save you thousands of dollars. Here are the most important ones which experienced slab detection professionals come across on daily basis and which should never be overlooked.

Higher water bills

A spike in water bills can come as an expected consequence of circumstances such as the beginning of summer or house guests staying over for a couple of days. However, if there is no logical reason as to why the bill has surged, it could be a sign of a slab leak. When there is a leak, the water can flow constantly even without you using it, causing a higher monthly bill.

Hot areas of the floor

If the hot water part of the pipes is leaking, the heat will accumulate and can rise up to your floors. This means that some areas can become hotter than those around them. You can feel it walking sometimes and another tell-tale sign could be that your pets tend to lie down above it during colder days.

Puddles of water

In case of a slab leak, water will accumulate until it no longer has space under the concrete foundation. It will then spread out, forming pools on the inside or outside of your house. This can happen in the kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as anywhere near a pipe outside. If there is no water source nearby, this can be one of the slab leak symptoms..

Damp areas

Sometimes, there will be no visible water pools, but the accumulated water can damage your floors and carpets. This means you should look out for damp carpets and any type of floor deformation around the household. Don’t be fooled, this is one of the serious slab leak symptoms.

Significantly lower water pressure

In normal circumstances, water pressure in the house should only fluctuate during excessive use. If no appliances which require water are in use and you notice a decrease in water pressure, a slab leak could be the culprit. If water is flowing through a crack, the pressure in the pipes will drop.

Appearance of mold

Mold and water are connected and if water is leaking, usually mold will appear not long after. When water from a slab leak spreads through the house, if not detected immediately, it can cause a mold outbreak. This typically happens around a damp carpet or drywall. Sometimes, you will not be able to spot the mold growth, but the smell of mildew can tip you off.

Best slab leak symptoms detection in the San Diego area

In case you are suspecting a slab leak in your home, KIC Restoration can provide the best detection around. We are well familiar with all slab leak symptoms and we know where to look. Our technicians are licensed and skilled and the process doesn’t end until we find and remedy the slab leak source.