Is Slab Leak Repair Covered by Insurance?

Water leakage and damage to your home can range from mildly annoying to severely damaging and costly. Some type of damage is sudden and cannot be avoided even with proper maintenance and handling. One of the most common types of water damage is a slab leak.

A slab leak happens when pipes under a concrete slab foundation burst. While looking for slab leak repair in San Diego, you have several things to take into consideration. One of the most important questions is how much the repair is going to cost and whether slab leak repair is covered by insurance you have. The topic of insurance coverage depends on the type of insurance you hold and the way water leakage has occurred in your home.

What’s written in the policy?

Whether your insurance will cover a slab leak repair depends on what is written in your insurance policy. The usual insurance plan will cover any sudden and accidental damage which has occurred and the loss it has caused. This means that it will not cover damage which is the result of leakage gathered over time and intentional neglect.

The way to be sure what your insurance plan covers is to carefully read it when first signing and refuse something which does not correspond to your property and its location. Later on, you will know what exactly to expect in case something mentioned in the policy actually occurs. It is important to watch exact words and phrases used.

Sudden and accidental

This defines slab leaks which are covered as abrupt and unexpected, not accumulating over time. If you’re not careful and don’t do something immediately as you notice leakage, no matter how big, it could later on be classified as not corresponding your insurance policy. Slow leaks can sometimes be denied even with a swift reaction, but bursts usually can’t.


In order for an insurance claim to be valid, there has to be physical loss to your home or other property due to water leakage. The insurance company needs to determine you have suffered loss from a slab leak so there is a need for repairs or replacements. If there was no damage or no significant loss, which is somewhat open to interpretation, your insurance claim can still be denied.

A listed peril

Insurance policies tend to list perils which are covered, that is, what types of damage is included in the plan. It can list all the perils which are covered one by one (named peril policy) or list only the perils which are not covered (all peril policy). Either way, water needs to be on the list, with all possible limits and exclusions to what is and what isn’t agreed upon by the insurance plan.

We can help you make your slab leak covered by insurance

Regardless of the type of insurance you possess, you should act immediately in case you notice a leak. Call KIC Restoration for a thorough assessment and suggestion on your next steps. We also pride ourselves on the good status with major insurance providers, so we can help you with obtaining insurance coverage for a slab leak which you have suffered from.