What does flood damage restoration mean?

Water damage is not only one of the most common household issues, but also one with the most destructive potential. This is why it’s paramount to act fast in case you see any signs of excess water and call the best flood damage restoration service in San Diego. You might be tempted to try and mitigate the consequences yourself, but only the pros know everything about the flood damage restoration process.

Even if you know what to do after a flood and what restoring water damage means, it will be much quicker and safer to leave the cleaning process to trained professionals.

How do you restore water damage in San Diego?

How do you restore water damageWater damage restoration is a technical process which has several stages, the most important ones being mitigation and repairs. Call a water damage restoration company even before you call your insurance company, so they can start dealing with the problem at hand. A fast response means less downtime and a lower overall cost.

First and foremost, restoration includes locating the source of water damage, if it’s internal, and eliminating it. Then, standing water needs to be taken care of and completely removed. Afterwards, the drying out and repair process starts. It can last up to several days, depending on the damage the place has suffered.

Full restoration can include demolishing and removing certain parts of the house, such as drywall, carpets, wood floor, and then repairing everything. It ends only after all traces of water have been removed, all property dried out and all damage completely repaired.

How do you get rid of the smell of water damage?

Water damage leaves behind a musty or damp odor which can only be dealt with after every last drop of standing water has been removed from your San Diego house. If you call professionals to do this, you will have more time to visit Balboa Park and find some much-needed stress relief, for instance.

After all damaged materials and items have been removed, it’s time to remove any mold and mildew from the affected surfaces. Mold can be a small nuisance when it appears, but the effects go far beyond that when it spreads its spores through the house. In early stages, it can be removed by a homemade solution, but it’s still a job best left to pros who know everything about protection against mold and use cutting-edge equipment.

The carpets and upholstery also need to be treated with a cleaning solution and vacuumed afterwards, after which everything should be completely dried out.

How long does it take to dry out a flooded house?

The first thing to do in your San Diego home affected by flood damage is to open windows to let the air flow and increase circulation. Because this can last long, it’s better when professionals are involved, because they have industrial level equipment. This includes various types of fans and dehumidifiers which significantly speed up the process.

The total amount of time required for this part depends on the overall damage and how fast you’ve acted since spotting the damage. It can last between a dozen hours up to a few weeks, but with proper equipment, it’s much closer to several hours.How do you get rid of the smell of water damage?

Flood damage restoration made easy with KIC

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