Protecting Your House from Water Damage

Water is an indispensable element that we cannot do without. It can also be a force to be reckoned with, which is why we must practice caution at all times if we want to have a shot at preventing water damage to our homes. Of course, there are situations when things get out of control and we have no choice but to look for professional water damage restoration in San Diego, CA.

This can include water damaged plaster ceiling, burst pipes or serious foundation cracks. The pros can help you with drying out wet furniture and restoring your home to its former glory. Here’s what you can do to prevent some emergencies from happening.

How can I protect my house from water damageHow can I protect my house from water damage?

You might think water damage is unavoidable, but there are definitely ways to act in advance and protect your home.

Inspect the roof

The roof is your first barrier against rainfall in San Diego and if it’s pretty deteriorated, you can experience leaks. Check all the shingles and look for any debris which should be removed.

Check the pipes

All pipes corrode and rust over time, which can lead to havoc on account of water leaks. This is why it’s a good idea to check the whole system once a year, because it can save you subsequent expenses.

Maintain the caulk

Once in a while, check your windows, bathroom tiles and walls to see if there are any holes in the caulk and grout. Replace the missing pieces and if there was never any caulk to begin with, apply some on the windows at least.

Can concrete foundation be water damaged?

As surprising as it may sound, San Diego residents should know that water can damage even the concrete foundation of a house. Here are the three ways how.

  • External pressure – When soil drainage is bad and the ground surrounding the house swells, it will exert pressure on the foundation walls. It can lead to foundation cracks and rotation.
  • Groundwater – If the groundwater level rises it can push against the underside of the foundation, with water seeping in through holes and cracks. 
  • Pooling – When water pools around the house, due to bad landscaping or clogged gutters, it degrades the foundation and water enters the house over time.

How do I protect my foundation from water damage?

The best and simplest way to protect your foundation against water damage is to keep water away from it.How do I protect my foundation from water damage

  • Check the drainage – Proper drainage is a must, as it will prevent water from entering the house. Check if the ground slopes away from the foundation and if the basement has a functioning exterior drain system.
  • Clear the gutters – The gutters should be clear of any debris so water can run freely. Also, make sure the downspouts are actually routing the water away from your house.
  • Test the sump pump – A sump pump will pump the water gathered in a sump basin preventing the basement from flooding. Make sure your pump is fully operational.

KIC Restoration provides impeccable water damage restoration in San Diego, CA

Imagine this – you’re all ready to go to Allied Gardens Pool for a dip, and then you notice your basement is flooded. What do you do next? Call KIC Restoration, of course, and let us take care of the rest.

Our technicians possess all the necessary certificates and know-how to safely and effectively solve any water-related issue. They will minimize the chance of any further damage and keep your expenses to the necessary minimum, and we even offer a workmanship warranty. Remember, the faster you act, the lower the costs will be, so call us as soon as you need us.