How to Protect Your House from Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can prove to be a real nightmare if you own a house with a concrete foundation. Even though they start off as just a crack in your pipes, they can quickly reach the surface and wreak havoc to your floors, drywall and many other areas and objects. When that happens, getting your dependable San Diego slab leak repair services to come and save the day is your best and only option.What precautions can I take to prevent slab leaks?

However, there is another way to deal with slab leaks, and it boils down to not letting them develop in the first place. To help you understand just how to prevent massive damage from slab leaks, we’ve prepared some easy tips you can implement right now. Read on!

What precautions can I take to prevent slab leaks?

There are several factors that contribute to the onset of slab leaks. Earthquakes are just one of them, but there’s not much you can do to avoid a slab leak caused by one. Fortunately, you can take action to prevent the majority of other circumstances that give rise to slab leaks. Here’s how:

Use optimal water pressure

Even though many people prefer using high water pressure, it might have negative effects on your pipes. This is because weaker pipes simply cannot endure high water pressure, which leads to their protective coating wearing away and potential cracks. An easy way to avert this is to use pressure that’s adequate for your pipes.

Monitor the pH level of your water

Water that’s either too hard or too soft can damage and corrode your pipes, which can give rise to a slab leak. For this reason, keep an eye on your water’s pH level, since this is a simple method that may help you detect slab leaks early and avoid related adverse consequences of slab leaks.

Refrain from using chemical drain cleaners

Some chemicals that are used for the purpose of removing clogged drains can be extremely harmful to your pipes. Moreover, the environment can also suffer if you opt for a harsh chemical. Therefore, try to choose a cleaner that’s not as detrimental. If you’re in doubt as to which product to go for, just seek your reliable plumbers’ advice.

Does insurance cover slab leak repairs?

Whether your insurance will cover your slab leak repair mainly depends on the root of the damage caused by the leak. In particular, the insurance company will have to verify that the problem took place suddenly and accidentally and that there is physical loss in order to accept your claim. In other words, your insurance won’t cover the repair if the slab leak occurred as a result of neglect or lack of maintenance.

Another thing that comes into play is the specific wording of your policy. Namely, if your policy contains water damage on the list of covered perils, you can expect your insurance to cover your slab leak repairs. Otherwise, your claim will be denied.

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