Is Homeowners’ Insurance Enough to Cover Fire Damage Restoration in San Diego?

Fire Damage Restoration San DiegoWith fire damage becoming more frequent in SoCal, homeowners should take action to make sure their property and possessions are protected in the event of a fire. In San Diego, homeowners typically count on their Homeowner’s Insurance policy for protection. However, they sometimes fail to set reasonable coverage limits or account for side-effects of a fire accident, such as mold remediation.

As a homeowner, here’s what you should bear in mind to ensure proper coverage for fire damage restoration in San Diego.

NOTE: It goes without saying that having smoke detectors installed in your home is a wise move.

How Much Coverage Is Required?

The extent of fire damage coverage is determined in accordance with the coverage limits, that is, the maximum amount of reimbursement for the covered loss. Coverage limits vary from one case to the next because they are based on the difference in home value and the estimated value of personal possessions.

Coverage based on Home Value – Dwelling Coverage

This type of coverage determines how much your insurance company would reimburse you for rebuilding costs after a fire. Since the cost of home repair and rebuilding is different from the value of your home, you might want to estimate how much it would cost to rebuild your home. This will be the basis for the dwelling coverage limit.

Coverage based on possessions – Personal Property Coverage

When setting the limit for this type of coverage, think about the valuable possessions you would like to protect in the event of a fire. Estimate their overall value. When it comes to possessions such as jewelry, it’s wise to consider additional options, since the standard policy tends to provide lower coverage for it.

Water & Mold Cleanup Coverage

Many homeowners fail to account for the thorough water or mold cleanup that may have to be performed after the fire damage restoration. Recently, most insurance policies started having mold damage exclusions. As a homeowner, you should check if your policy has a mold exclusion, and if it does, whether the policy would cover the cleanup, fans and other drying methods.

In some cases, if the insurance provider refuses to pay for the drying and cleaning, the resulting mold development and its remediation are covered nonetheless.

Reliable Fire Damage Restoration San Diego

At KIC Restoration, we are fully-equipped to provide thorough fire damage restoration. As a full-service restoration San Diego contractor, we perform a safe demolition of non-salvageable building elements, as well as targeted reconstruction and smoke odor removal. In addition, we carry out furniture cleaning and other restoration work. Since we perform all work in-house, we have a team of qualified experts in various fields to make sure your home is fully restored to its healthy and safe state.

Finally, our team makes sure your home is prepped for the evaluation performed by the insurance providers. We are on-call 24/7 – don’t hesitate to contact us in case of a fire emergency. Call us at Toll-Free 866-265-5245.