How to Clean Smoke-Damaged Furniture?

When a fire breaks out, the most important part is containing it and then completely extinguishing it. However, the trouble doesn’t end there, as there are some effects which can spell trouble afterwards. This particularly includes the lingering smoke and soot which can cover many of the household items, damaging them and creating an unpleasant smell.

When you have suffered from fire damage in your home, you should seek professional smoke odor removal San Diego services. When you find yourself seeking the answer to How to clean smoke damaged furniture, seasoned experts can help in getting it done as soon as possible. If this issue is not addressed right away, the effects of the damage can become irreversible.

Before starting the process

Making sure the fire has been completely extinguished is essential before attempting to assess the damage done to the furniture. When the hazard is over, it’s time to look for smoke and soot residue. Only interact with affected inventory after it has completely cooled down, because even some cleaning products can be very flammable. In order to avoid additional danger from any arising vapors, try to work outside or at least make sure all affected rooms have been properly ventilated and their windows opened.

Cleaning the furniture

As smoke is made up of tiny particles which can be very harmful, protective gloves are a must when inspecting the fire damage. The type of furniture which has been damaged will dictate the choice of cleaning products which are necessary. A cleaning solvent and a damp cloth can do for most surfaces, while dry cleaning sponges can also help. Using an industrial vacuum afterwards is good for getting rid of the pesky soot particles.

Finished wood

Most wood furniture is covered with a layer of varnish on top as a protective finish. One of the ways to clean it is to take the furniture apart when possible to include every part of it. It’s important to choose a cleaning agent which will get the furniture clean, but not compromise the finishing layer.

Unfinished wood

This type of furniture is more vulnerable to damage because it lacks the protective layer. It usually includes areas inside drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. As it can hold onto plenty of soot and smoke, there is no guarantee it can be totally cleaned. The way to try and keep the furniture is clean it as much as possible and then sealing it completely.

Removing odors

Getting rid of odors is best done through a process called oxidation. This is done with an ozone generator, which targets the bad smells with ozone, neutralizing them and removing from clothing and the surrounding area. Ozone is used because of the extra oxygen atom it contains.

Don’t know how to clean smoke-damaged furniture? We do

If your property has been affected by fire, you will most likely need to repair damage done by smoke and soot afterwards. KIC Restoration provides expert cleaning which can save you money in getting new furniture. This includes professional restoration to help you return them to the state they were before the fire hazard occurred.