How Professionals Detect Slab Leaks

How does slab leak detection work? If you’ve picked up on one of the signs that you have a slab leak problem, the next step is hiring a dependable slab leak detection service in San Diego to verify it. This way, you’ll have a much higher chance of nipping the issue in the bud and avoiding thousands of dollars in damage.

But before a team of plumbers arrives at your home, knowing how slab leak detection is carried out is always a good idea. To get you all the details right here, we’ve covered precisely that, as well as how accurate slab leak detection generally is. Therefore, read through the article and you’ll know exactly what to expect.

How does slab leak detection work?

An experienced plumber has several tools and techniques of discovering slab leaks at their disposal. In order to get a detailed evaluation of your concrete foundation, a technician may use a combination of the following methods:

Using electronic listening devices

With the help of these, a plumber is able to detect a water leak far into a structure’s water lines. Upon establishing the approximate location of the leak, a technician will then employ a line tracer system. This system releases a small electric charge into the water line, which in turn helps the plumber pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Static leak isolation

This procedure includes both hydrostatic pressure testing and pipe inspection using sewer video cameras. It is performed by using an in-line sewer video camera to determine the best position of the system and enable a visual of the house’s sanitary sewer system. Afterward, hydrostatic pressure testing is carried out to establish which sections under a slab sewer system could be developing a leak. Finally, inflatable test balls are positioned in the system to detect specific places where a leak could be taking place.

Digital water leak detection

The tools used in digital water leak detection have the capacity to identify various leaks in a complex network. It operates by employing an amplifier that promptly detects sounds related to leaks. In order not to mistake leak sounds for pedestrian footsteps, passing vehicles, conversations, and other noises, the devices use a noise filter. It also provides a bar graph and a numeric display of volume.

Aside from making your slab water-resistant, accurate slab leak detection also goes a long way in preventing various forms of damage caused by slab leaks. For this reason, the moment you suspect there’s a leak developing in your foundation, don’t take any chances. Get a professional to come and inspect the area, and later return your home to its prior condition.

How accurate is slab leak detection?

The techniques we described above are extremely accurate. This is due to the fact that they consist of state-of-the-art slab leak detection equipment that leaves very little room for error. When you add a seasoned plumber who knows what they are looking for on top of that, a successful identification is guaranteed.

Since slab leak detection is the first step in fixing one, carrying it out accurately is paramount. The reason for this is because the repairs depend to a certain extent on the location of the leak. In fact, as little as a few inches can make a difference in determining which repair type your house requires.

Precise & accurate slab leak detection service in San Diego

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