Water Damage & Mold: Everything You Need to Know

Does water damage always mean moldMany San Diego households get struck by water damage every year. While this is no reason to panic, you should take the situation seriously and contact a trusted local water damage restoration service. The skilled water damage repair experts will show up shortly at your address, inspect the property, estimate the damage, and, depending on the type of water damage, act accordingly.

These seasoned pros know how to tackle the situation quickly and prevent further complications like mold growth. It often appears after a property has been exposed to water and excess moisture, and it needs to be dealt with fast in order to prevent further spreading. Here is what you need to know about mold to be able to recognize it timely:

Does water damage always mean mold?

People often connect mold to flooding and serious water damage. However, you should be aware that any minor leak or excessive moisture in your home can cause mold. This is a type of fungus that thrives in damp places, and it spreads by releasing spores that can transfer throughout your home.

You can never know if mold will appear, but based on the statistics, as soon as your property has suffered water damage, there is a strong possibility of mold growth. Therefore, instead of risking any further damage to your house, you should hire a reliable water damage repair company as soon as possible. Your dependable pros can even help you with the insurance matter and handle your water damage claim for you.

How long does it take for mold to grow from water damage?

Unfortunately, not that long at all. It has been shown that mold can start growing within 48 hours after water damage. How quickly it will appear will depend on several factors, including temperature, humidity, the type of material affected, etc. Whatever the case is, you have no time to waste and need to contact professionals immediately.

You may be tempted to eliminate the mold all on your own, but you need to know that this requires a high level of expertise and skill to be done properly. Certain mold species, like black mold, are extremely dangerous and can trigger serious respiratory health issues if a person inhales their spores.

On the other hand, your trustworthy water damage repair technician will eradicate this pest with zero hassle ensuring the complete safety of your family.

Do water stains mean mold?

In general, mold and water stains go together. Considering that mold thrives in dark, damp places, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. These are some of the indicators that may help you determine if the area that shows signs of discoloration provides an adequate environment for mold to start growing:

Do water stains mean mold

  • The water stains have appeared in the part of your home that is humid or has poor ventilation. While no part of your home is mold-proof, it is most likely that mold will appear in places such as your basement, damp storage room, attic, and similar.
  • If the affected material is extremely porous in nature, like drywall or your wood floor, it will be more susceptible to mold growth, so you should call your restoration company as soon as you notice water stains or discoloration of any kind.
  • If your water stains are accompanied by an unpleasant musty odor, this is a sure indicator of mold presence.

How do I know if it’s mold?

To know if your home has got infested with mold, you should keep an eye on all the usual signs, including the following:

  • Your wallpaper is peeling;
  • The grout between the tiles is dark;
  • Dark-colored spots on your walls have appeared;
  • There is a musty odor in some of the rooms;
  • You experience symptoms of a cold that never seem to subside;
  • You feel itchy with no apparent reason, and similar.

These are all signs that you might have a mold issue on your hand. However, to be 100% certain, it’s best to have professionals inspect your residence, do all the necessary tests, and determine the best course of action if the issue exists.

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