Flood Damage vs Water Damage: What’s the Difference?

flood damage vs water damageAlthough it may not seem apparent, flood damage and water damage differ in terms of definition, effects and claiming insurance. Both may require flood damage restoration San Diego professionals to clean up your home and restore it to its previous glory. However, you should know what sets one apart from the other, because when it comes to flood damage vs water damage, knowing what type of claim you need to make will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Causes of flood damage

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has defined flood damage as caused by an overflow of tidal waters, mudflow, sudden accumulation of surface water and flood brought on by erosion of land near a large body of water. It includes a sudden and temporary situation.

Causes of water damage

Unlike flood damage, this category is not as easily defined. It includes a broad range of common causes, such as various types of leakage from household appliances, overflowing from clogged toilets and bathtubs and other sources from within the house walls and floors.

Distinguishing flood damage vs water damage

There is a simple way to determine whether you are experiencing flood damage or water damage and it includes checking if your household is the only one with such a problem. If it indeed is, you’re likely dealing with water damage. In case your neighbors are complaining about the same things, flood damage from natural sources is probably affecting all of you. When it comes to insurance claims, things aren’t as simple as that.

Flood insurance

There are various types of home insurance, but only a flood insurance policy covers damage suffered through flood damage. This choice is usually up to the homeowner, but when a property is near an area known for flooding, he will be required to buy one from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The differences between flood damage vs water damage are key for choosing the right insurance.

Floods represent a rising of water onto an otherwise dry land area and flood damage is caused by water which has been on that area for a while before affecting your home. Flood insurance policy will typically cover damages to the house foundation and its interior, including appliances, carpets and floors, as well as water and electrical lines. Anything in the garden is usually not covered, nor is damage deemed preventable by the owner, such as mold, mildew and leftover moisture.

Water damage insurance

Homeowners insurance typically includes coverage for water damage, which is defined as occurring before the water hits the ground. This means hailstorms, heavy rains or burst pipes. Any extension beyond the house, such as pool leaks in the backyard, is not included.

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