Fire Damage Inspection Checklist

Fire damage can occur almost anywhere and when it does, it can be devastating. Not only can it damage personal belongings or office items, it can also hurt people who find themselves near it when it breaks out. If the fire has been extinguished, now comes another dreadful but necessary task – assessing the damage.

Oftentimes, people neglect this part, but fire damage inspection is absolutely a must. When you call fire damage inspection San Diego professionals, they will take care of that for you. It is a comprehensible process, which requires a thorough checklist of things to do. Here is what it usually includes.

First contact

Calling a fire damage inspection company immediately after a fire hazard has occurred is essential. Wasting time will do you no good in the long run, so getting professionals to inspect your home or property as soon as possible is highly recommended. This way no eventuality will be left out of expert control.

Inspection and damage assessment

The process starts with a detailed inspection of the damage caused by the fire outbreak, smoke which spread during the fire and water used to extinguish the fire. When the data is gathered, an adequate plan of action can be created accordingly. This is perhaps the crucial part of fire damage inspection.

Boarding-up and tarping the roof

The fire can damage all areas of a property, but especially doors, windows, walls and roof. To prevent any further damage or possible vandalism, the missing places should be boarded-up and the roofs tarped.

Removing the water and drying up

After the firefighters have finished their job, there has probably been some water left behind. Removing all standing water is the next step before trying to salvage anything. When the water is removed, the remaining humidity is disposed of with dehumidifiers, fans, air movers and other professional equipment.

Removing smoke and soot damage

Smoke and soot can spread throughout the house during a fire hazard and they need to be completely eradicated. This is done with a variety of techniques, including soda blasting and HEPA vacuuming. Only professionals should perform these services, with industrial level equipment.

Cleaning and sanitation

This step includes finding the items previously set aside and sanitizing them. All items and belongings damaged by the fire which can be restored should first be properly cleansed. Using the right techniques, this removes not only staining but also odors.

Fire damage restoration

The final step is the most comprehensible part of the process. It includes restoring all areas of the house to the state they were in before the fire, where it is possible. Minor operations are the renewal of drywall and setting of new carpets and upholstery. Major efforts include reconstructing whole parts of the property which were destroyed in the fire.

Best Fire Damage Inspection in San Diego

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