How Does Water Intrusion Damage My House?

Does water damage get worse over timeWater can cause considerable damage to your home, especially if you leave it unresolved for too long. While you might think that the only forms of water damage include wet furniture or carpets, it can get much more serious than that. Eventually, the structure of your entire home in Scripps Ranch may become weakened, which would warrant comprehensive water damage restoration services.

But what exactly are the most common types of water damage? You’re about to find out right here! Once we’ve shown you just how bad the damage can get, you’ll realize that water intrusion is no trifling matter. Read on. 

Does water damage get worse over time?

Since some forms of water damage don’t show themselves immediately, they may go unnoticed for a long time. In that case, water can severely harm your walls and you may need to fix rotten wooden elements in your home. Here are some more examples of what may happen due to undetected water damage:

  • Water damage in ceilings and walls can be easily overlooked. Early signs may include bubbling or peeling wallpaper or paint. Eventually, your walls can become warped or bloated. In extreme cases, your ceilings and walls may also feel spongy to the touch.
  • Wet floors can go unnoticed also, especially if they are located in less frequently used rooms or in the corners. By the time wet patches of carpeting or peeling tiles are detected, the subflooring may have already sustained a lot of harm.
  • Over time, your ceramic tiles are likely to develop mold and the grout may crack. Also, laminate and wood floors start warping, cupping, or buckling.
  • All of this may result in a weakened structure, calling for the help of professional water damage restoration experts.

What are the 3 ways water can cause destruction?

There are dozens of ways water can cause destruction in your house. However, the following three might be the most severe and make your everyday life uncomfortable:

Mold development

Mold is typically found in damp areas, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements. Mold stains are usually yellowish-brown or black in color and can expand in various shapes around the house. Left unchecked, it can bring about serious health problems, such as aggravated symptoms of asthma.

Electrical damage

If you don’t hire the pros to fix water damage as soon as possible, it could lead to hazardous electrical damage in your house. Water leaks can take place near faulty installations, increasing the potential for electrocution if handled inappropriately. For this reason, it’s best to reach out to both professional plumbers and electricians to avoid safety concerns.

Foundation damage

Minor cracks in the foundation may not be that big a deal. They are fairly common as your home ages. However, a large crack is certainly something you should worry about. It can allow a lot of water to enter the house, cause extensive flooding, and lead to massive structural damage.

scripps ranch water damage restoration services

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