Water Damage Guide: Dealing with Different Types of Damage

What are the different types of water damageWater damage is a broad term that describes various possible losses caused by water. After a plumbing emergency strikes, our first impulse is to immediately start cleaning up. However, while quick action is fundamental, you need to be very careful because there are many health risks associated with certain types of water damage.

Therefore, it’s important to have trusted San Diego water damage repair professionals at speed dial. They know how to properly estimate and mitigate further damage to your property. What’s more, they are fully equipped to deal with mold infestation that can occur as a consequence of water damage, as well as safely eliminate more dangerous types of mold like black mold.

Let’s see what types of water damage there are and find out if they are dangerous:

What are the different types of water damage?

We can distinguish between 3 main types of water damage based on the levels of contamination of the water. They are the following:

Category 1: Clean Water

Category 1 (clean water) of water damage means that the water that has affected your household does not pose an immediate threat to your health. This type of water damage is usually easier to repair than the other two types.

However, it is still recommendable to contact your chosen water damage restoration professional immediately to prevent the damage from progressing to the next stage. They have years of hands-on experience in this field and possess state-of-the-art equipment, such as commercial dehumidifiers, moisture meters, fans, and similar, needed to tackle the issue efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, even though this category of water damage is not hazardous, it can lead to mold growth, and if a person is not properly trained, dealing with it on their own can be dangerous.

The most common sources of the category 1 water damage include:

  • An overflowing sink or toilet holding tank
  • A broken water line
  • A leaky bathtub
  • Faulty bathroom appliances, etc.

Category 2: Greywater

Unlike the first category, category 2 gives more reasons for concern because it may pose an immediate risk from exposure or ingestion. Even though it contains fewer pathogens than blackwater, you shouldn’t try to fix the damage by yourself, especially if you don’t have appropriate protective gear.

Additionally, all the areas affected by greywater will need to be properly decontaminated after the clean-up process is done. This will prevent any disease outbreaks and help keep your family members and pets safe. It is particularly important to act quickly here because category 2 if left untreated, can progress to category 3 in less than 48 hours.

The usual sources of category 2 water damage include the following:

  • Faulty washing machines
  • Crack in the sewer line or water supply pipes
  • Damaged roof
  • Overflowing toilets, etc.

Category 3: Blackwater

Category 3 is the last and most dangerous type of water damage. Blackwater contains waste, toxins, and other pathogens, as well as dissolved chemicals, and it needs to be attended to as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to tackle it on your own under any circumstances.

Due to the amount of contamination, this type of water damage is particularly ruinous and the affected items like carpets and upholstery cannot often be salvaged. The same goes for all other porous materials that will quickly absorb the blackwater. Your water repair expert will carefully inspect your property to determine what needs to be replaced and what can be repaired, and do their best to prevent any further damage.

Blackwater usually comes from:

  • Broken sewage pipes
  • Food preparation sinks
  • Storms and hurricanes
  • Excess rains
  • Rising water from rivers, etc.

Looking for the best San Diego water damage repair experts?Looking for the best San Diego water damage repair experts

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