How Do You Clean Fire Damage from Exterior Walls?

How to clean walls after fire damageAfter a fire is extinguished, there is usually a huge mess to deal with. It is often best left to fire damage restoration services in San Diego who can do a better job than homeowners themselves. They can clean fire damage from walls and take care of the subsequent smoke damage. Read on to find out what cleaning the effects of fire damage on exterior walls includes and how it’s done!

How to clean walls after fire damage?

If you are taking it upon yourself to do the cleaning up after a fire has affected your home, you should be well-prepared. Otherwise, call professionals who know just what fire damage constitutes, how long fire damage repair will take and how to make the process more effective and time-efficient. These are the steps to cleaning walls.

  • Wear protective gear – No matter when the fire has subsided, you need to have protection before you begin the cleaning process. This includes a face mask, gloves and an apron.
  • Ventilate the area – Introducing proper air circulation is very important for a good start. Open the windows and doors and use a ventilation fan if you have one. This will help with the vapors and cleaning agents.
  • Wipe the walls – Use a dry cleaning sponge and wipe the walls gently and gradually. Go from top to bottom and from side to side to cover the whole area. It will absorb plenty of soot and smoke, so make sure to clean and dry it every once in a while.
  • Remove the stains – Even after wiping the walls, some persistent stains might still remain on them. To remove them completely, use a dry cloth or regular sponge and put some rubbing alcohol or paint thinner on it. Then carefully rub the walls until the stains are gone. To get rid of the smoke odor, find a wall cleaning agent with a nice scent.
  • Let the walls dry – The walls need to be completely dry before repairs and restoration can be done. A new paint job might be all you need, but with some professional help you can get the best tips quickly.

How to repair fire damage to exterior wall

How to repair fire damage to exterior wall?

Interior walls are not the only ones likely to be affected by fire damage. It can happen to the exterior ones as well. Even if the house foundation hasn’t been damaged, when the outside walls have been affected, repairs should be done as soon as possible. After it’s safe to return to the house, these are the steps you should take next.

  • Assessment – Evaluate the degree of fire and the extent of damage it has left on the exterior walls. Look for key points which have been reached by fire, soot and smoke.
  • Preventing further damage – So, the exterior has been damaged, but that doesn’t mean the effect of the fire is over. You might need to seal holes in the walls so that soot and smoke are unable to reach the unaffected areas.
  • Clean up – Unlike interior walls, the exterior ones might need a more detailed clean up. An industrial-level water hose might be the best tool for removing residue, so calling for expert help is recommended.
  • Repainting – When the walls have dried completely, check if any small holes need to be filled and then put a new layer of paint on the whole exterior. If you want, use fire retardant paint coating just in case.

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