Common Causes of Office Fires

A fire can strike anytime at anyplace, including office buildings. As today’s office spaces are usually situated in big, spacious buildings, there are many things which can spark a fire. The results of such an event can be devastating in terms of property damage and even loss of life.

If such an event occurs, you can always call the fire damage restoration San Diego professionals to restore the affected area to its former glory. However, it is most important to know about the common causes of office fires and try your best to prevent them.

Human Errors

As in many other areas of life, human error can be the determining cause of damage. This is true both for household fires and office fires. The danger is greater in the workplace, because of a larger number of people and equipment.

There are many ways accidental fires can occur if the employees misuse the machines or don’t pay attention to their immediate surroundings. Accidents can be prevented by pointing out potential issues to your staff.

Faulty Electrics

This is the most common cause of office fires. Electrics need to be installed properly and then regularly checked for any possible misuse or overload. Loose or broken wiring, overloaded sockets or faulty equipment can electrocute untrained employees and ignite fires almost instantaneously. All the regular maintenance should be done by trained individuals. This is not only a way to make sure everything is in working order, but also a legal requirement.


It may sound a little unsettling, but arson is one of the leading causes of fires in office buildings. Fire can be instigated by many individuals, from the building owner, to unhappy workers, vandals or mentally unstable individuals. Such a fire can spread rapidly in factories or storage places with electrical equipment. Counter measures include installing a fire sprinkler system and covering your property with cameras, alarms and security.

Flammable and Combustible Materials

All office buildings should have proper anti-fire measures installed, but this is especially true for rooms which contain flammable and combustible materials. They need to be stored according to prescribed procedures, away from any sources of fire, and handled with care. These kinds of materials can spark a fire in no time, which leads to an obligatory fire damage restoration.

General Negligence

Negligent behavior in the workplace can lead to countless potential fire hazards. Common human errors include mistakes which occur by accident, while negligence is dangerous behavior in handling hazardous materials and equipment. Improper conduct means putting yours and the lives of people around you in danger. This is why it’s important to be familiar with all the proper procedures and requirements of a work environment and follow them strictly.

Fire Damage Restoration San Diego Experts are at Your Disposal

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