9 Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Basement

How to prevent water from harming your basementCarmel Mountain basements can suffer from all sorts of threats, but water damage might be one of the biggest concerns. If water penetrates your basement, the walls and floors can get absolutely ruined. The resulting fixes can be enormously expensive, which is why reacting beforehand and preventing basement water damage is usually the best course of action.

Read through the rest of the article, and you’ll find out all the tips you need to stop water from entering the basement. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and trouble.

How to prevent water from harming your basement

Here’s what you should do if you want to avoid having to dry out a flooded room and fix a ceiling damaged by water in your basement:

1. Improve your outside drainage

If there’s water pooling around your foundation during storms, you can take several measures to improve the drainage: clean the gutters to avoid overflow, install downspout extensions so that your gutters drain water away from the foundation, and ensure that the soil near the foundation slopes away properly from your house.

2. Replace or install a sump pump

To include high-level protection against basement floods, you should add a cast-iron sump pump. Additionally, consider adding a battery-powered backup pump in case there’s a power outage.

3. Add an interior drainage system

Interior drainage can be an effective solution against frequent basement water problems. Such a system can trap water before it reaches your basement floor. Afterward, the water is directed to a sump pump that discharges it automatically away from your house.

4. Prevent plumbing leaks

Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid plumbing leaks inside the basement:

  • Replace your old tank-type water heater with a new one before its interior corrodes and causes flooding in your basement.
  • Replace your rubber washer supply hoses if there are signs of cracking.
  • Check your drain and water supply lines for leaks.
  • Take action to prevent your lines from freezing and bursting in low temperatures.
  • Mount new windows and install window well covers

If your basement windows are old, replace them with new ones. Moreover, don’t forget to clean your window wells to prevent clogs due to leaves and other debris. Another useful upgrade is window well covers. In addition to preventing water leaks through windows, they can make your basement more energy efficient and attractive.

5. Add a one-way float to your floor drains

One-way float devices can prevent water from backing up from your floor drain. You can find them at most home improvement stores and they aren’t very expensive.

6. Invest in a water-sensing device

There are many products available that can alert you if water is starting to accumulate in your basement. This way, you can remove valuables from the basement and try to stop the flood. These are also very affordable and go a long way in preventing extensive water damage.

7. Repair foundation cracks

Foundation cracks can lead to floods that can ruin your drywall and other basement areas. To avoid this, hire a foundation repair specialist to inspect foundation cracks, determine the cause, and recommend a favorable repair method.

8. Check your roof for signs of damage

Examine your roof to see if there are any missing or worn shingles. Check for any other forms of damage that might result in a roof leak.

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